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Note: Some names, places, and dates shown in these various pages are the best estimates of this researcher and are usually so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as near, about, maybe, possibly, or probably associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required. If you use information from the surname of interest to me and/or other pages in my website, please give proper credit and attribution to this website and my decades of research into these families. Please scroll down for links to Pennsylvania German research help pages.

Baer Brown Christman Clauser Delong Derr Dorney Drescher Egner Ettinger Fetterman Frantz Guth Hoch Horn Hunsicker Jacoby
Keiper Kerchner Klein Koch Laros Laudenslager Levan Liese Mattern Miller Minnich Mohr
Raser/Racer Readlinger Ritter Roeder Romig Roth Sendel Schmoyer Schneider Shoup/Schaub Siegfried Walbert

Another family name of current research interest to me: Schoch

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and/or have information or corrections to share with me about these families.

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Copyright © 2001-2024
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
All Rights Reserved
Research Started - 1975
Page Created - 20 Jul 2001
Last Updated - 14 Mar 2024