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Subj:      Given name nicknames and aka's and translations for
           some baptismal and given names used by 18th Century
           Pennsylvania Germans.  Suggestions from others for
           other PA German nicknames are solicited to be added 
           to this file.



Abraham                  Abraham                  Abe
Abram                    Abram                    Abe
Andreas                  Andrew
Anna                     Anna, Ann                Nancy, Ann
Anton                    Anthony                  Tunis, Tony, Duny
Aegidius                 Giles
Baltzer                  Balthasar
Barbara                  Barbara                  Bevvy
Benjamin                 Benjamin                 Ben
Bernhard, Barnet         Bernard                       
Carolus                  Charles                  Carl
Catharina                Catharine                Kate, Katie
Christian                Christian                Christ, Christli
Christina                Christina                Dinah, Tina
Christoph                Christopher              Kit, Stoffel
Cornelia                 Cornelia                 Nell, Nellie, Nelly
Dewald                   Theobald
Dionysius                Denis
Dietrich                 Theodoric                Dieter, Teeter
Dorothea                 Dorothy
Eleanor                  Eleanor                  Ellen, Ella, Nell,
                                                  Nellie, Nelly
Elias                    Elijah                   Eli
Elisabeth                Elizabeth                Lis, Lizzie, Betti
Erasmus                  Erasmus                  Asmus, Asimus
Esther						  Hetty, Hettie, Ess, Essie
Frantz                   Francis
Friedrich                Frederick                Fritz
Fronica			 Veronica                 Franey, Fran
Gottfried                Godfrey, Geoffrey
Hannah                   Hannah                   Johanna, Jane, Jean, Joan
Heinrich                 Henry                    Hank
Ignatius                 Ignatius                 Natius, Natz
Jacob                    Jacob, James             Jake
                         Jane                     Jennie, Jenny
Jeremiah                 Jeremiah                 Jerry, Jereme
Johanna                  Johanna                  Hanna, Hannah, Joan,
                                                  Jean, Jane, Janet, Janette,
                                                  Janey, Netta, Nettie
Johannes                 John                     Hans, Haensel,
Jonas                    Jonah
Jost, Justus             Yost, Justus
Jurg                     George
Karl, Carl               Charles
Kezia                    Kezia                    Cassie
Kuhnrat                  Conrad                   Kunz
Ludwig                   Lewis, Louis                  
Magdalena                Magdalene, Madeleine     Lena, Molly
Margaretha               Margaret                 Peggy, Maggie,
                                                  Rebecca, Gretta
Maria                    Mary                     Polly, Molly
Matthaeus, Matthias      Matthew                  Mat, Teis, Thebus
Nathanael                Nathaniel, Nathan        Nat, Thaniel
Nicolaus                 Nicholas                 Nickel, Claus
Rebecca                  Rebecca                  Becky, Margaret,
Salome                   Salome                   Sally, Sarah
Sarah                    Sarah                    Sally, Sadie, Sara
Sebastian                Sebastian                Bastian
Sem                      Shem
Ulrich                   Ullery, Eldridge
Valentin                 Valentine                Felty, Velty
Veit                     Vitus
Verena                   Verena                   Frena, Franey,
                                                  Veronica, Fronica
Wilhelm                  William                  Bill
Wilhelmina                                        Minnie

I published this page to share some nickname tips I learned over the years. I am not a name expert so I won't be able to help you solve your specific name and/or nickname problems. Below are a couple of books which you should review if you need more help with a particular name.

An excellent booklet about nicknames in general is: Nicknames Past and Present, by Christine Rose. Order from: Rose Family Association, 1474 Montelegre Drive, San Jose, CA 95120, Tel. No: 408-268-2137. The cost in 1996 was $5.50 plus $1.50 for postage and handling.

If you contact any of the sources, please tell them that I referred you from this posting and web page.

Review, and order on-line if desired, a books about nicknames
and given names in association with Amazon.com.
Here are a few suggestions:
Handbook of Pseudonyms and Personal Nicknames; First Supplement
Twentieth Century American Nicknames
Tuttle Dictionary of First Names
If I Can You Can Decipher Germanic Records, by Edna Bentz

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