Descendant Chart for Christian Derr
of North and South Whitehall Townships, Lehigh Co PA.

He was born in Pennsylvania about 1782 per 1850 and 1860 censuses.
Married twice: 1st to Susanna Baer and 2nd to Hannah Guth.
His parent's names are not kown for certain at this time.
Served in War of 1812. Buried Jordan Lutheran Ch, S Whitehall Twsp.
Four Generation Partial Descendants Chart
Caution: Be careful not to confuse this Christian Derr (1782-1865) in the below data
with another Christian Derr (1782-1852) of Union Co PA.

From research of:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(a descendant)

Research Started: 1975
Webpage Created: 5 Feb 2002
Last Updated: 24 Feb 2010

Note: Some dates and locations shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Some data in this report is indicated as "about" or "circa" " or "near" or "probably", etc. Therefore, do not quote dates and locations off this report as precise unless it is precisely stated and/or unless you have independently verified it. If you use information from this website, please credit my website as your source.

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1. Christian DERR-743 (b.Abt Jul 1782-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.26 Jul 1865-S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
sp: Susanna BAER-1866 (b.18 May 1783-,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1804 d.Abt Feb 1814-probably,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Jacobus DERR-10473 (b.28 Nov 1805-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Anna DERR-4962 (b.17 Jun 1810-S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Joseph DERR-4963 (b.31 Jan 1814-S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.29 Mar 1871-Lehigh County,PA)
 | sp: Maria aka Polly SNYDER-10474 (b.15 May 1819-,,PA m.Abt 1840 d.16 Aug 1896-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. unnamed female DERR-10799 (b.Abt 1841-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA d.probably,Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Benneville DERR-10800 (b.26 Apr 1842-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA d.17 Dec 1912-Lynnville,Lehigh County,PA)
 | | sp: Susanna KOLB-10812 (b.1848-maybe,Lehigh County,PA m.5 Jan 1865 d.1931-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | | |-4. Daniel E. DERR-10814 (b.3 Feb 1870-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.10 Dec 1877-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | | +-4. Laura A. DERR-10813 (b.6 Nov 1873-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.27 Nov 1877-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Lewis L. S. DERR-10801 (b.5 Mar 1844-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA d.6 May 1916-Weisenberg Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Josiah Phaon DERR-10802 (b.2 Oct 1847-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.1 Oct 1880-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Daniel Edwin DERR-10475 (b.8 Jul 1848-Weisenberg Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.6 May 1903-probably,,PA)
 | | sp: Mary Margaret BAUER-10490 (b.3 Jan 1855-probably,,PA m.28 May 1881 d.27 Mar 1897-probably,,PA)
 | | |-4. Edwin Howard DERR-10807 (b.21 May 1883-Steins Corner,Lehigh County,PA d.11 Nov 1970-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
 | | |-4. Harry Chester DERR-10808 (b.9 Jan 1886-Steins Corner,Lehigh County,PA d.24 May 1961-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | | | sp: Cora L. WERLEY-13349 (b.17 Oct 1889-probably,PA m.Abt 1908 d.3 Aug 1965-probably,PA)
 | | |-4. Verna M. DERR-10809 (b.10 Apr 1888-Steins Corner,Lehigh County,PA d.3 Jun 1956)
 | | |-4. Wilmer Daniel DERR-10491 (b.24 Jan 1890-Weisenberg Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.20 Jan 1973-Chapel,,PA)
 | | | sp: Stella Mamie SCHULER-10798 (b.2 Jun 1892-U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.13 Dec 1913 d.21 Nov 1965-Chapel,,PA)
 | | |-4. Emma Virginia DERR-10810 (b.13 May 1891-Weisenberg Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.1962)
 | | +-4. Nellie Elizabeth DERR-10811 (b.23 Mar 1893-Weisenberg Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.12 Apr 1973-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Maria A. E. DERR-10803 (b.26 Apr 1851-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.24 Apr 1852-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. James Henry DERR-10804 (b.Mar 1853-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.1 Nov 1922-Pottstown,Montgomery Co,PA)
 | |-3. John Martin DERR-10805 (b.7 Feb 1857-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA d.11 Jun 1925-Kempton,Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA)
 | +-3. Carolina E. DERR-10806 (b.25 Aug 1860-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.Aft Aug 1870-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
sp: Hannah GUTH-4968 (b.11 Aug 1783-probably,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.1814 d.15 Jan 1853-probably,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Rachel DERR-4969 (b.26 May 1815-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | sp: Lucas RABENOLD-10489 (b.Abt 1815-maybe,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1836)
 +-2. Samuel H. DERR Sr.-75 (b.26 Oct 1819-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.17 Jun 1888-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
   sp: Anna ROTH-76 (b.7 Mar 1823-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1848 d.3 Aug 1914-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   |-3. John DERR-37 (b.4 Oct 1849-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.16 Jan 1934-Breinigsville,Lehigh County,PA)
   | sp: Lucy Ann WALBERT-38 (b.1 Sep 1848-probably,Lehigh County,PA m.17 Jun 1871 d.18 Oct 1903-W Catasauqua,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Ella M. Amanda DERR-39 (b.12 May 1872-,Lehigh County,PA d.30 Dec 1948-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | | sp: Frank A. FRIES-796 (b.Abt 30 Jun 1870-S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1899(nm) d.12 Aug 1950-Allentown Hosp,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Emma Maria Catherine DERR-13 (b.7 Sep 1877-L Macungie Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.20 Nov 1956-Macungie,Lehigh County,PA)
   | | sp: Jacob Benjamin KERCHNER-12 (b.13 Dec 1870-L Macungie Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.2 Jan 1897 d.3 Oct 1941-L Macungie Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Edward J. DERR-40 (b.1 Feb 1883-,Lehigh County,PA d.1 Feb 1916-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | +-4. unnamed DERR-10833 (b.Abt 1888-,Lehigh County,PA d.Abt 1895-probably,Lehigh Co,PA)
   |-3. Anna Maria Elizabeth DERR-1005 (b.17 Feb 1852-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   | sp: George Jacob KEHM-2166 (b.1847-L Macungie Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.15 May 1871)
   | +-4. Arlene Irene KEHM-5798 (b.Abt Apr 1880-near,Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   |-3. Samuel H. DERR Jr.-77 (b.28 Jan 1854-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.17 Nov 1910-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | sp: Emmaline C. FLEXER-2167 (b.Feb 1859-,Lehigh County,PA m.26 Jul 1877)
   | |-4. G. A. DERR-10830 (b.Abt 1878-,Lehigh County,PA u.Jer W Salisbury,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. William John DERR-2174 (b.Abt Jul 1879-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. unnamed DERR-10831 (b.Abt 1881-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Wilson Samuel DERR-2175 (b.Abt Nov 1882-,Lehigh County,PA u.Jer W Salisbury,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Charles F. DERR-10824 (b.Aug 1884-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. James F. DERR-10825 (b.Jun 1886-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Mabel S. DERR-10826 (b.Apr 1888-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Laura S. DERR-10827 (b.May 1890-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Harvey T. DERR-10828 (b.Jan 1892-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Carolina DERR (twin)-2171 (b.12 Feb 1894-,Lehigh County,PA u.Jer W Salisbury,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Emalina DERR (twin)-2172 (b.12 Feb 1894-,Lehigh County,PA u.Jer W Salisbury,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Barbara Marietta DERR-2176 (b.5 Aug 1895-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | | sp: Samuel C. WESSNER-12491 (b.1892-,,PA m.1912)
   | |-4. Sallie Amanda DERR-2170 (b.29 Jul 1896-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. George Levinus DERR-2173 (b.15 Jul 1897-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. unnamed DERR-10832 (b.Abt 1898-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Elmer DERR-10829 (b.Jun 1899-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | +-4. Victor DERR-12490 (b.1906-,,PA)
   |-3. James O. DERR-800 (b.27 Nov 1855-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.29 Aug 1912-,Lehigh County,PA)
   |-3. Catherine Louise DERR-81 (b.23 Nov 1857-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.2 Oct 1937-,Lehigh County,PA)
   |-3. Hannah R. DERR (twin)-80 (b.30 Oct 1860-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.25 Apr 1922-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | sp: Peter FEGELY-2178 (b.Abt 1860-,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1885)
   |-3. Helena DERR (twin)-11926 (b.30 Oct 1860-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   |-3. Jeremiah aka Jerry DERR-78 (b.30 Oct 1863-,Lehigh County,PA d.30 Sep 1933-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | sp: Minnie A. MILL-2169 (b.31 May 1877-,Lehigh County,PA m.19 Oct 1893 d.19 Mar 1958-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Erwin E. DERR-10840 (b.Jun 1894-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Samuel William DERR-2177 (b.7 Jan 1896-,Lehigh County,PA d.Abt 1898-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Clarence J. DERR-10841 (b.Jun 1898-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | |-4. Maimie E. DERR-10842 (b.Sep 1899-,Lehigh County,PA)
   | +-4. Estella Katie DERR-5800 (b.13 Apr 1909-near,Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
   +-3. Sarah aka Sallie DERR-10843 (b.1866-,Lehigh County,PA)

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