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[BB] Read the Electrical Power System Articles I have written.
[BB] Peruse the books I have written and have for sale at this Catalog Page
[BB] Order my Genetics & Genealogy Testing Dictionary to learn more about DNA, DNA testing, and Genetic Genealogy terminology.
[BB] Visit my Genealogy Tips & Tricks page to learn about beginning and organizing a genealogy project.
[BB] Visit my traditional paper-trail research Kerchner Genealogy home page. Surnames of Prime Interest to me.
[BB] Visit my pioneering Kerchner's Genetic Genealogy Y-DNA Surname Project.
[BB] Learn more about the PA Deustch / PA German (aka PA Dutch) Ethnic Group and their early naming customs and patterns.
[BB] Download free copy of my Genetics & Genealogy - An Introduction - a Genetic Genealogy 101 report.
[BB] Visit my DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy Information and Resources help page.
[BB] Check out new Genetic Genealogy DNA Testing Dictionary. Put help with the terminology at your fingertips.
[BB] Read some Success Stories from my personal Kerchner surname Y-DNA project.
[BB] Order some Recommended Books to learn more about DNA, DNA testing, and Genetic Genealogy.
[BB] Learn more about DNA tests from and how to order a DNA test kit.
[BB] What's your sign is passe. What's your haplogroup? To find out, check out the DNA Haplogroup Information at
[BB] Need a speaker about Genetic Genealogy? Contact Me. Some example events I have spoken at are listed on the next line:
[BB] MidWest Roots 2008 Genealogy Conference Phila PA DAR Chapter Feb 2008 Meeting PalAm Fall 2007 Genealogy Conference
[BB] Visit the one-room school house website for the historic Dillingersville School.
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