Y-DNA Pin mtDNA Pin

What's Your Haplogroup?

DNA Haplogroup Pins

Proudly Display Your Genetic
Genealogy DNA Haplogroup(s).
Makes a Unique, Inexpensive Gift
from the Family Historian.

Paternal Line Y-DNA Haplogroup
Lapel Pins(3/4" Square)-more info

Maternal Line mtDNA Haplogroup
Lapel Pins(3/4" Round)-more info

Paternal Line YSNP Name
Lapel Pins(3/4" Square)-more info

Y-DNA (male line) haplogroup R1b and mtDNA (female line) haplogroup H shown in photos
with jewelry storage pouch are the most frequent haplogroups reported.
Most major haplogroups available. Quality gold finished lapel pins.
What is your sign is passe. What is your haplogroup? -- is now the in thing.
What is your haplogroup? Don't know?
Here's where you find out.

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