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mtDNA Haplogroup Pins

Proudly Display Your Direct Maternal Line mtDNA Haplogroup

A Unique Gift for Your Mother and/or Maternal Grandmother
for Her Birthday, Mother's Day, or Other Holiday Gift
The Perfect Thank You Gift to Your mtDNA Project Participants
Great conversation piece to wear to your genealogy society meetings
and family reunions

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You have your mtDNA test results and certificate. Now get the DNA Pin. Order a DNA Haplogroup Lapel Pin with your mtDNA maternal haplogroup letter digitally printed in gold in the center of a custom designed multi-color logo rendering of an actual sequence of a portion of the mtDNA molecule. The rendering is circular because the actual mtDNA molecule is circular in shape and the schematic symbol for the maternal line on a genetics chart is a circle. The haplogroup letters are printed in gold to symbolize that DNA is the gold standard in verifying relationships. The type style font used for the letters is Old Century Bold which symbolizes that our mtDNA is handed down to us generation after generation over the centuries from our direct maternal line ancestor. The background color is bone which symbolizes that bone is frequently a source for DNA, especially mtDNA. The pin is trimmed with a gold edge. Online pictures do not do justice to the beauty of these pins. You'll love the way the gold lettering and edging sparkle and how the pin changes appearance as you view the pin from different angles. The pin is 3/4" in diameter. While supplied as a lapel pin it can also be worn as a tie tack. The example picture displays the pin with the "H" haplogroup letter. Pins for most major haplogroups are available. See Order Pins page for a list of the major haplogroups available. Each pin is supplied with a soft black velour draw string jewelry pouche for protection and storage. This pin is an excellent conversation piece to proudly display your State-of-the-Art research and interest in your direct maternal line personal Mitochondrial DNA Anthropology and your mtDNA Maternal Clan ancestry and Genetic Genealogy. Order one for yourself. And because you received your mtDNA from your mother, order an extra one for your mother as a very special and unique gift to her. Your direct line maternal grandmother and your maternal siblings also share your mtDNA. Order several and hand them out as special gifts to those in your family who share your maternal line mtDNA. A great gift for use at family reunions or as a "thank you" gift to DNA project members who joined your Genetic Genealogy DNA Project and provided a sample for mtDNA analysis and/or to people in your maternal line who have helped you with your maternal line genealogical research over the years.

View chart which shows who in your Ancestry Chart shares your Maternal mtDNA Haplogroup

Never Had Your Maternal Line mtDNA Tested? Don't Know Your Haplogroup?
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