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Price per pin is $8.00 U.S., plus shipping and handling.  Each pin is 3/4" in size and is individually packaged in a protective poly bag and provided with an individual soft black velour draw string jewelry pouch. The quantity of pins desired by you is entered in the PayPal shopping cart screen once you have selected a pin type and letter and entered it into the cart. If you don't know your haplogroup, or it was not determined by your testing lab, but want to order a pin, you can order a generic pin with no letters. Simply specify type and generic for the haplogroup letter(s). Once you have added a pin to the shopping cart you will be given the opportunity to increase of decease the quantity for that pin. If you wish to order pins for different haplogroup letters simply add each pin letter or type to the cart individually one at a time, press the "Add to Cart" button, and then when that pin is shown in the cart and you have entered the quantity you want of the first letter, select "continue shopping" and order the next pin letter or type. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Use "View Cart" at any time or when done shopping to double check your pin letter(s), types, and quantities ordered. Shipping and Handling charges will be calculated at check out and varies based on the number of pins ordered. PayPal allows you to cancel your order at each step along the order process way so you may compile an order and calculate the shipping and handling and then change or cancel your order if so desired before final order entry. All PayPal orders Shipping and Handling is calculated based on shipping via First Class U.S. Mail to U.S. customers only. For other methods of shipping and/or international orders you will have to contact us by email to obtain cost estimates and make the necessary arrangements.  Important note for INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Shipments to addresses outside the United States, may be subject to customs clearance charges or import duty imposed by the addressee’s country. We do not set these charges and cannot control whether your package will be subject to such fees. Fees are determined by the authorities in the destination country.  If you contact me via email please include your full name and desired shipping address, including zip code, telephone number, and country if applicable, with your email. Thank you.

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Price per Pin is $8.00 U.S. plus Shipping and Handling.

List of Major Haplogroup Y-DNA Paternal Line "Father Clan" Letters Available (Old Century Bold Font):

R, R1a, R1b, R2, C, C3, E, E1, E1a, E1b, E2, E3, E3a, E3b, E4, G, G2, H, I,  I1, I1a, I1b, I1c,

I2, I2a, I2b, J, J1, J2, K, N, Q, Q1, Q2, Q3, T, ? for unknown YDNA haplogroup, and Generic with nothing in center

And also available is a “Generic” Y-DNA pin with an STR DNA sequence in the center instead of a letter.

(Note: If your Y-DNA results have been determined to a finer sub-group level, such as R1a1 for example,
you would order the R1a pin since R1a is your main haplogroup or "Father Clan".)

Click Here for Order Entry Form for Y-DNA Haplogroup (Square) Pins

List of Major Haplogroup MtDNA Maternal Line "Mother Clan" Letters Available (Old Century Bold Font):

H, U, U1, U2, U3, U4, U5, U5a, U5b, U6, U7, T, J, J1, J2,

 L, L1, L2, L3, K, K1, K2, V, N, N1a, X, I, W, M, R, C, D, A, B, F, E, Z,

HV, pre-HV, CRS, and ? for unknown mtDNA haplogroup

 And also available is a “Generic” pin with no letter in the center.

(Note: If your mtDNA results have been determined to a finer sub-group level, such as H1a for example,
you would order the H pin since H is your main haplogroup or "Mother Clan".)

Click Here for Order Entry Form for mtDNA Haplogroup (Round) Pins

List of  YSNP Names DNA Pins Available (Old Century Bold Font):

P1+, P15+, P19+, P25+, P30+, P36+, P38+, P40+,

 M17+, M35+, M37.2, M170+, M172+, M201+, M216+, M217+, M223+,

M253+, M267+, M269+, M304+, M307+, M343+,

 S21+, S28+, S31+, LLY22+, SRY 10831.2- DER

Click Here for Order Entry Form for YSNP Names (Square) Pins


If you do not wish to use PayPal and/or if you are an international customer, please contact us via email
to arrange another method of payment and/or to arrange for international or special shipping methods. Thank you.

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