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List of Y-DNA Haplogroup DNA Pins Available:
Note: Y-DNA Haplogroup font shown in this selection list are in a modern font.
To see pin letter shape in actual "Old Century Bold" type style font
return to Ordering Information and Instructions page.

R, R1a, R1b, R2, C, C3, E, E1, E1a, E1b, E2, E3, E3a, E3b, E4,
G, G2, H, I, I1, I1a, I1b, I1c, I2, I2a, I2b, J,
J1, J2, K, N, Q, Q1, Q2, Q3, T, ?

Also available is a 'Generic' Y-DNA pin with an STR DNA sequence in the center instead of a letter.

(Note: If your Y-DNA results have been determined to a finer sub-group level, such as R1a1 for example
you would order the R1a pin since R1a is your main haplogroup or "Father Clan".)

PayPal Order Entry Field (required to fulfill order):
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How to order more than one pin and more than one Y-DNA Haplogroup pin. Once you have added a pin to the shopping cart you will be given the opportunity to increase or decrease the quantity for that pin. If you wish to order pins for different Y-DNA Haplogroup simply add each pin name, letter, or type to the cart individually one at a time, press the "Add to Cart" button, and then when that pin is shown in the cart and you have entered the quantity you want of the first Y-DNA Haplogroup pin, select "continue shopping" or use the browser "page back" button and order the next pin Y-DNA Haplogroup or type. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Use "View Cart" at any time or when done shopping to double check your pin names, letters, types, and quantities ordered. Add mtDNA Haplogroup (Round) Pins to your order. Add ySNP Name (Square) Pins to your order. Go to Ordering Information and Instructions page for more details, if needed.

Special Instructions for International Orders (required to fulfill international shipping address orders):

Attention International customers: Before selecting and ordering your pins, click below Add to Cart button to add the required additional shipping, handling, and customs form preparation charge to insure prompt fulfilling of your order. This small additional charge, USD 10.00 is in addition to the normal shipping and handling charge for domestic USA orders and will appear as a separate line item in your order. This additional charge is necessary to cover the higher shipping, handling, documents, and funds transfer & currency exchange fees for processing international orders. International customers only have to add this extra charge one time to each order no matter how many pins were ordered in the order. To view this charge, click on the View Cart button at any time after adding this special charge amount to your Shopping Cart. You will also be able to see and view your cart contents details and the exact amounts of all charges as separate listed line items at Check Out using the View Cart Contents option at Check Out. All charges, and/or the entire order, are fully cancellable at any time during the check out process if you change your mind. If you do not wish to order using this online PayPal order entry system, your other option is to email us for a quote and to arrange payment for your order.
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