Descendant Chart for Immigrant Frederick Kerchner
The First Six Generations, a Partial List.
Arrived on ship
Brothers on 16 Sep 1751 at Philadelphia PA.
Also arriving on same ship was a J. George Kerchner.
J. George Kerchner died soon after his arrival.
I have surmised that Frederick and J. George Kerchner were probably brothers.
Originally Frederick settled in Longswamp Twsp, Berks Co PA.
He moved around 1785 to Franklin Co PA and by 1800 to Bedford Co PA.
Descendants as they moved west into western PA then OH and IN changed name spelling
to Karriger, Kariger, Carriher, Cariher, Carrier and other phonetically similar variations.
This Frederick born c1724 in Germany is sometimes confused with Frederick born 1750 in PA,
the s/o the immigrant Adam Kerchner who was born in Germany.
Frederick Kerchner, s/o immigrant Adam Kerchner, remained in Berks Co PA.
Before DNA testing, traditional paper trail research theorized the immigrants Frederick and Adam were related
but could not conclusively prove it. Y-DNA testing since 2001 of direct male descendants from each immigrant proved
a close male line genetic relationship for these two clans. The immigrants, Adam and Frederick, were probably
1st-4th cousins to each other. For more details see Y-DNA Project success stories.

From database of: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Emmaus PA USA
(I'm not a descendant of this Kerchner branch but am distantly related)
Research begun: 1975 -- Last Updated: 22 Jun 2021

WARNING: This is a theoretical Descendant's Chart. This is a work in progress. This chart may still contain unproven surmises and could possibly contain errors.

NOTE: Some names, places, and dates shown are the best estimates of this and are usually so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as about, maybe, near, probably, or "c" associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required. Surname spelling varies greatly in various records. If you use information from this website, please give proper credit to my research as your source.

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1. Johann Friederich KERCHNER aka Frederick Kerchner-951 (b.Abt 1724-probably,Germany d.Abt 1802/1808-maybe,Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA)
sp: unnamed -13082 (b.Abt 1727-probably,Germany m.Abt 1745d.maybe,during voyage,or,PA)
  |-2. Adam KERCHNER (Parents Not Proven)-2949 (b.Abt 1746-probably,Germany d.Abt 27 Aug 1776-Battle of,Long Island,Long Island,NY)
  | sp: Elizabetha Barbara -13083 (b.Abt 1745-probably,Germany m.Abt 1766)
  |  +-3. Elisabetha Barbara KERCHNER (Parents Not Proven)-2864 (b.Abt May 1767-probably,Hereford Twsp,Berks County,PA d.Bef Aug 1768-probably,Hereford Twsp,Berks County,PA)
sp: Anna Barbara ARENDT/ARENDSEN-952 (b.Abt 1728-probably,Germany m.13 Apr 1755d.probably,PA)
  |-2. Anne Marie KERCHNER (Parents Not Proven)-5605 (b.21 Aug 1755-near,U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. George KERCHNER-6394 (b.Abt 1758-probably,PA d.1 Oct 1821-Mercer County,PA)
  | sp: Magdalena BRUDER? (Maiden Name Not Proven)-6523 (b.Abt 1761-probably,Berks County,PA m.Abt 1780 d.2 May 1854/1856-probably,Mahoning County,OH)
  |  |-3. Johann George KERCHNER-6524 (b.10 Dec 1780-near,Longswamp Twsp,Berks County,PA d.Bef 1838-Mahoning Twsp,Lawrence County,PA)
  |  | sp: unknown -11235 (b.Abt 1780-probably,PA m.Abt 1802)
  |  |  |-4. John KERCHNER-11236 (b.Abt 1803-probably,PA d.13 Dec 1853-of,Mahoning Twsp,Mercer County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Isaac KARIHER-11237 (b.13 Jun 1809-probably,PA d.29 Nov 1871-Mahoning Twsp,Lawrence County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Abigail PATTERSON-11238 (b.13 Jan 1822-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1845 d.24 Apr 1904-probably,Lawrence County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. Mary Adeline KARIHER-12966 (b.1850-probably,Lawrence County,PA d.17 Mar 1864-probably,Lawrence County,PA)
  |  +-3. Mary KERCHNER-6945 (b.Abt 1785-probably,PA d.Bef 1841)
  |    sp: Isaac DIETRICH-7170 (b.Abt 1785-maybe,PA m.Abt 1807)
  |-2. Johannes KERCHNER-6395 (b.Feb 1760-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.22 Sep 1846-Ankenytown,Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  | sp: Anna Maria BRUDER-6525 (b.Abt Sep 1762-probably,Berks County,PA m.Abt 1782 d.Abt 1784-probably,PA)
  | sp: Margaret N. FETTEROLF-6556 (b.1761-probably,near,Berks County,PA m.Abt 1787 d.22 Jul 1850-Ankenytown,Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  |  |-3. Frederick KARIGER-6557 (b.4 Oct 1788-probably,Guilford Twsp,Franklin County,PA d.21 Jan 1846-Washington Twsp,Allen County,IN)
  |  | sp: Elizabeth LINDSAY-6679 (b.1790-maybe,Lancaster County,PA m.Abt 1812 d.1871-Washington Twsp,Allen County,IN)
  |  |  |-4. Peter KARIGER-9632 (b.2 Sep 1814-OH d.9 Feb 1868-Washington Twsp,Allen County,IN)
  |  |  | sp: Catherine HAINES-9633 (b.1811-,Stark County,OH m.8 Mar 1836 d.13 Apr 1891-Ft. Wayne,,IN)
  |  |  |  +-5. Samuel KARIGER-9634 (b.1 Feb 1842-Perry Township,Allen County,IN d.3 Feb 1929-Ft. Wayne,,IN)
  |  |  |    sp: Diantha EMBREY-9636 (b.20 Mar 1846-probably,,IN m.15 May 1869 d.21 Sep 1889-Ft. Wayne,,IN)
  |  |  |     |-6. Joseph Peter KARIGER-9637 (b.12 Feb 1878-Ft. Wayne,,IN)
  |  |  |     | sp: Margaret PENS-9638 (b.5 Apr 1885-Ft. Wayne,,IN m.16 Feb 1906 d.21 Dec 1968-Chicago,,IL)
  |  |  |    sp: Margaret HELLINGS-9641 (b.1844-maybe,,IN m.1891 d.1926-probably,Ft. Wayne,IN)
  |  |  +-4. Samuel KARIGER-6680 (b.22 Mar 1821-,Knox County,OH d.Aft 1889-probably,Washington Twsp,Allen County,IN)
  |  |    sp: Mary Ann BENZ-6681 (b.1830-Germany m.3 Mar 1847 d.24 Jun 1873-Washington Twsp,Allen County,IN)
  |  |-3. Susannah KARIGER-7171 (b.1789-maybe,Guilford Twsp,Franklin County,PA)
  |  | sp: John BROWN Jr.-7185 (b.Abt 1789-maybe,,PA m.17 Nov 1812)
  |  |-3. Elizabeth KARIGER-7172 (b.Oct 1790-maybe,Guilford Twsp,Franklin County,PA d.28 Feb 1879-Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  |  | sp: George WOLFORD-7186 (b.Abt 1790-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1811)
  |  |-3. Catherine KARIGER-7173 (b.Abt 1792-maybe,Guilford Twsp,Franklin County,PA)
  |  | sp: John BOARDNER-7187 (b.Abt 1792-maybe,,PA m.20 Aug 1818)
  |  |-3. Mary KARIGER-7174 (b.Abt 1794-maybe,Guilford Twsp,Franklin County,PA d.Bef 1846)
  |  | sp: Andrew B. BAKER-7188 (b.Abt 1794-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1815)
  |  |-3. John KARRIGER-7175 (b.Abt 1796-either,Franklin County,Bedford County,PA d.Abt 1821-Pike Township,Knox County,OH)
  |  | sp: Catherine LINDSAY-7189 (b.22 Jun 1796-Bedford Co,PA m.23 Nov 1816 d.22 Mar 1878)
  |  |  |-4. Margaret KARRIGER-15885 (b.7 Dec 1815-OH d.20 Aug 1890-Fulton County,OH)
  |  |  | sp: W. Stanley KINNEY-15886 (b.Abt 1815-probably,USA m.Abt 1840)
  |  |  |-4. Catherine Ann CARRIGER-15961 (b.Abt 1819-probably,Knox County,OH)
  |  |  | sp: Woodson THOMAS-15949 (b.Abt 1817-probably,USA m.Abt 1840)
  |  |  +-4. Lydia Ann KARRIGER-15920 (b.Abt 1821-Knox County,OH)
  |  |    sp: Amos DEVOE-15921 (b.Abt 1820-possibly,USA m.Abt 1842)
  |  |-3. Peter KARIGER-7176 (b.Abt 1798-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA d.Abt 1845)
  |  | sp: Esther SCOLES-7190 (b.Abt 1802-maybe,,PA m.18 Mar 1824)
  |  |-3. Barbara KARIGER-7177 (b.1801-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA)
  |  | sp: John aka George BORDNER-7191 (b.1800-PA m.Abt 1821)
  |  |-3. Margaret aka Peggy KARIGER-7178 (b.Abt 1802-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA)
  |  | sp: Jonah JOSLINE-7192 (b.Abt 1802-maybe,,PA m.17 Oct 1822)
  |  |-3. Emanuel W. aka Dutch KARIGER-7179 (b.16 Feb 1804-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA d.1 May 1884-Huntington,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  | sp: Margaret LONEY-7193 (b.Abt 1804-PA m.Abt 1825 d.1 May 1838-,Grant County,IN)
  |  |  |-4. George CARRIGER-9772 (b.Abt 1829-maybe,,OH)
  |  |  |-4. John KARIGER-9441 (b.7 Jun 1831-Mt Vernon,Berlin Township,Knox County,OH d.17 May 1909-Warren,Jefferson Twsp,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  | sp: Susan GOOD-9442 (b.4 Feb 1826-,Perry County,OH m.1853 d.30 May 1901-Warren,Jefferson Twsp,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |  |-5. Della KARIGER-9774 (b.Abt 1855-maybe,OH,or,IN d.1884)
  |  |  |  |-5. Ella KARIGER-9775 (b.14 Nov 1856-probably,OH,or,IN d.23 Feb 1924)
  |  |  |  |-5. Samuel Good KARIGER-9776 (b.21 Apr 1861-Jefferson Twsp,Huntington Co,IN d.1 Sep 1941-Warren,,IN)
  |  |  |  | sp: Josephine Theresa STEELE-12099 (b.23 Oct 1864-Hartford City,,IN m.9 Sep 1882 d.18 Dec 1953-Warren,,IN)
  |  |  |  |  |-6. Rose Osburn KARIGER-12100 (b.3 Jul 1884-IN d.8 Apr 1888-IN)
  |  |  |  |  |-6. George Elbert KARIGER-12101 (b.25 Jul 1885-Warren,,IN d.15 Jul 1977-Huntington,,IN)
  |  |  |  |  | sp: Alta Aurilla GREEN-12104 (b.26 Jul 1886-Richwood,Union County,OH m.15 Oct 1904 d.26 Nov 1976-Bluffton,,IN)
  |  |  |  |  |-6. Ethel Pearl KARIGER-12102 (b.3 Sep 1887-Hartford City,,IN d.14 Jul 1975-Warren,,IN)
  |  |  |  |  +-6. John Perry KARIGER-12103 (b.24 Aug 1890-Salamonie Twsp,Huntington Co,IN d.22 Apr 1986-Bluffton,,IN)
  |  |  |  |    sp: Annastasia STROUP-12115 (b.11 Jul 1890-Salamonie Twsp,Huntington Co,IN m.10 Sep 1910 d.29 Apr 1956-Salamonie Twsp,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |  |    sp: Nora A. STINSON-12116 (b.24 Apr 1892-Warren,Huntington Co,IN m.6 May 1960 d.24 Jan 1980-Meadowvale Ctr,Bluffton,IN)
  |  |  |  |-5. Emma B. KARIGER-9777 (b.24 Aug 1863-probably,,IN)
  |  |  |  +-5. Frank Elbert KARIGER-9443 (b.12 May 1870-Huntington,Huntington Co,IN d.31 Jan 1916-Milo,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |    sp: Lana DETAMORE-9452 (b.5 Nov 1874-Huntington,Huntington Co,IN m.18 Aug 1894 d.4 Oct 1947-Van Buren,Grant County,IN)
  |  |  |     |-6. Charles Franklin KARRIGER-9453 (b.30 Nov 1896-,Huntington Co,IN d.27 Feb 1942-Huntington,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |     | sp: Gladys Delight WEAVER-9454 (b.23 Nov 1898-Marion,Grant County,IN m.21 Jun 1917 d.30 Mar 1985-See Notes,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |     |-6. Virgil D. KARIGER-9778 (b.27 Mar 1898-,Huntington Co,IN d.23 Jun 1968-probably,Grant County,IN)
  |  |  |     | sp: Elizabeth A. HINDS-12073 (b.7 Oct 1897-Grant County,IN m.1916 d.2 Nov 1981-Marion,Grant County,IN)
  |  |  |     +-6. Helen C. KARIGER-9779 (b.23 Feb 1903-,Huntington Co,IN d.2 Sep 1951-,Huntington Co,IN)
  |  |  |-4. William CARGAR-9635 (b.18 Jun 1834-maybe,,OH)
  |  |  +-4. Mary Jane KARIGER-9773 (b.Abt 1836-probably,,OH)
  |  |-3. Nancy KARIGER-7180 (b.4 May 1808-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA d.8 Sep 1883-,Adams County,IN)
  |  | sp: John SHELL-7194 (b.Abt 1804-maybe,Berks County,PA m.30 Dec 1830d.probably,,IN)
  |  |-3. Esther Ann KARIGER-7181 (b.6 Jul 1809-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA d.11 Oct 1885-St Mary Twsp,Adams County,IN)
  |  | sp: Samuel Oscar TEEPLE-7195 (b.18 Jan 1814-,,NY m.Abt 1833 d.18 Aug 1878-St Mary Twsp,Adams County,IN)
  |  |  +-4. George Washington TEEPLE-10163 (b.13 Jul 1834-,Knox County,OH d.30 Nov 1916-Decatur,Adams County,IN)
  |  +-3. George KARIGER-7182 (b.8 Sep 1811-Woodbury Twsp,Bedford County,PA d.26 Apr 1887-Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  |    sp: Elizabeth HAINES-7196 (b.17 Apr 1809-maybe,,PA m.29 May 1832 d.28 Feb 1879-Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  |     +-4. John H. CARRIGER-9447 (b.28 Oct 1835 d.7 Dec 1852-Berlin Township,Knox County,OH)
  |-2. Anna Barbara KERCHNER-1302 (b.Oct 1764-U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.maybe,Stark County,OH)
  | sp: SPORE-7167 (b.Abt 1764-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1785)
  |  +-3. Adam SPORE-7168 (b.Abt 1787-probably,PA d.maybe,Stark County,OH)
  |-2. Johann Peter KERCHNER-953 (b.Jun 1766-U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. Anna Margaret KERCHNER-954 (b.Sep 1768-U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.Abt 1841-Green Township,Harrison County,OH)
  | sp: George DEWALDT-7169 (b.Abt 1768-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1790d.probably,Green Township,Harrison County,OH)
  +-2. Johann Peter KERCHNER-955 (b.Aug 1770-U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.1852-Washington Twsp,Franklin County,OH)
    sp: Catherine -6396 (b.1770-probably,PA m.Abt 1791 d.24 Mar 1847-Washington Twsp,Franklin County,OH)
     |-3. Peter KERCHNER-6397 (b.Abt 1791-probably,PA)
     | sp: Christiana -7197 (b.Abt 1795-probably,USA m.Abt 1820)
     |-3. David CARRIHER-6398 (b.Abt 1792-probably,PA d.1850-Lenox Center,Ashtabula County,OH)
     | sp: Ruth or Rhoda CARD-7198 (b.Abt 1790-MD m.Abt 1815d.USA)
     |  +-4. Peter L. CARRIHER-20858 (b.1818-Mahoning County,OH d.2 Oct 1891-Fort Wayne,Allen County,IN)
     |    sp: Hannah Georgiana KENWORTHY-20859 (b.24 Jul 1819-Borough of Manchester,Greater Manchester,England m.Abt 1842 d.6 Dec 1889-Markle,Wells County,IN)
     |     +-5. Charles Albert CARRIER-20860 (b.1845-Columbiana,Columbiana County,OH d.Mar 1883-Gunnison,Gunnison County,CO)
     |       sp: Sarah Melissa EVANS-20978 (b.7 Apr 1849-Linn County,IA m.9 Jan 1869 d.21 Aug 1921-Braymer,Caldwell County,MO)
     |        |-6. Frederick Charles CARRIHER-20979 (b.16 Oct 1874-KS d.15 Feb 1903-St Joseph,Buchanan County,MO)
     |        |-6. Frank Albert CARRIHER Sr.-20980 (b.15 Feb 1876-Chanute,Neosho County,KS d.16 Jun 1937-Fort Scott,Bourbon County,KS)
     |        | sp: Margaret Ruth SUMNER-20983 (b.4 Jan 1877-Albany,Gentry County,MO m.Abt 1905 d.1 Sep 1926-Fort Scott,Bourbon County,KS)
     |        | sp: Inez STODGEL-20993 (b.6 Mar 1885-Fayetteville,Brown County,OH m.1932 d.1 Jul 1984-Fort Scott,Bourbon County,KS)
     |        |-6. Gertrude A. CARRIHER-20981 (b.1876-Neosho County,KS)
     |        +-6. Nellie Eva CARRIER-20982 (b.8 Apr 1880-Chanute,Neosho County,KS d.27 Nov 1957-Iron County,MO)
     |-3. John KERCHNER-6399 (b.Abt 1795-probably,PA)
     | sp: Eve MUSSER-7199 (b.Abt 1795-probably,USA m.Abt 1830)
     |-3. surmised male 1 KERCHNER-6401 (b.Abt 1797-probably,PA)
     |-3. surmised female KERCHNER-6867 (b.Abt 1799-probably,PA)
     |-3. George KERCHNER-6400 (b.Abt 1801-OH)
     | sp: Mary Peggy MCKINSEY-7200 (b.Abt 1795-probably,USA m.13 Nov 1832)
     |-3. Frederick CARIHER-6402 (b.Abt 1803-probably,,OH d.31 Mar 1885-Warren,,OH)
     | sp: Elizabeth SCHALLER-6403 (b.4 Aug 1806-Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1824 d.31 Mar 1893-Schaller,Sac County,IA)
     |  |-4. Rebecca CARIHER-7205 (b.1825-OH)
     |  |-4. Catharine CARIHER-7206 (b.Abt 1827-OH)
     |  |-4. David CARIHER-7207 (b.29 Mar 1829-OH)
     |  |-4. Eleanor CARIHER-7208 (b.22 May 1831-Warren,Trumbull County,OH d.4 May 1898-Paoli,,WI)
     |  |-4. Henry CARIHER-7209 (b.Abt 1835-probably,Trumbull County,OH)
     |  |-4. Mary CARIHER-7210 (b.Abt 1837-probably,Trumbull County,OH)
     |  |-4. Emanuel CARIHER-6939 (b.1837-,Trumbull County,OH d.5 Apr 1908-York Township,Medina County,OH)
     |  | sp: Helena Mahateth LONG-6940 (b.30 Dec 1836-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA m.9 Oct 1859 d.24 Mar 1908-York Township,Medina County,OH)
     |  |  |-5. Laura CARIHER-12192 (b.Nov 1862-OH)
     |  |  |-5. Emma Alice CARIHER-12196 (b.1864-OH)
     |  |  |-5. Cora A. CARIHER-12193 (b.Jul 1865-OH)
     |  |  |-5. Nellie May CARIHER-12194 (b.May 1867-OH)
     |  |  | sp: Henry J. WEBER-12197 (b.Aug 1862-possibly,,OH m.9 Jun 1885)
     |  |  |  +-6. Dora Eva WEBER-12203 (b.3 Apr 1893-probably,,OH d.13 Mar 1973-maybe,,OH)
     |  |  |    sp: Milo Joseph RUDD-12204 (b.1886-probably,USA m.Abt 1912 d.1965-maybe,,OH)
     |  |  |-5. Frederick Jack CARIHER-12195 (b.Abt 1870-OH d.1889-Cleveland,Cuyahoga County,OH)
     |  |  +-5. Libby CARIHER-6941 (b.21 May 1874-Warren,Trumbull County,OH d.11 Mar 1937-Medina,Medina County,OH)
     |  |    sp: Alfred HUTCHINS-6942 (b.1863-Lakewood,Cuyahoga County,OH m.21 Jun 1894 d.15 Jul 1941-Cleveland,Cuyahoga County,OH)
     |  |     +-6. Violet Viva HUTCHINS-6943 (b.29 Mar 1899-York Township,Medina County,OH d.6 Nov 1980-Medina,Medina County,OH)
     |  |       sp: Mariano VARISCO-6944 (b.14 Apr 1893-Manhattan,New York,NY m.11 Nov 1916 d.13 Jul 1986-Medina,Medina County,OH)
     |  |-4. Albert E. CARIHER-7211 (b.Abt 1841-probably,Trumbull County,OH d.12 Jan 1902)
     |  |-4. Ann CARIHER-7212 (b.Abt 1843-probably,Trumbull County,OH)
     |  +-4. Frederick F. CARIHER-7213 (b.Abt 1846-probably,Trumbull County,OH d.27 Nov 1863-Civil War,Battle of,Mine Run,VA)
     |-3. Hannah KERCHNER-6404 (b.Abt 1807-probably,,OH)
     | sp: James PIPER-7201 (b.Abt 1805-probably,USA m.19 May 1835)
     |-3. William CARRIHER-6406 (b.31 May 1808-OH d.7 Sep 1892-Kosciusko County,IN)
     | sp: Elizabeth PITTS-6857 (b.Nov 1811-MD m.Abt Jul 1829 d.Mar 1902-Kosciusko County,IN)
     |  |-4. William CARRIER-6858 (b.22 May 1830-PA d.6 Apr 1889-Noble County,or,Whitley County,IN)
     |  | sp: Prudence MCPHERSON-9642 (b.Abt 1838-OH m.27 Apr 1857 d.Abt 1876)
     |  |  |-5. Arvilla (Idella?) CARRIER-11239 (b.1858-IN)
     |  |  |-5. Joseph W. CARRIER-11240 (b.1863-IN)
     |  |  |-5. Walter CARRIER-11241 (b.Mar 1870-IN)
     |  |  |-5. Henry CARRIER-11242 (b.1871-IN)
     |  |  |-5. Selina CARRIER-11243 (b.1874-IN)
     |  | sp: Mary J. MAYFIELD-9643 (b.Abt Nov 1842-IN m.Abt 1876 d.24 Apr 1917)
     |  |-4. Abeline CARRIER-6859 (b.12 May 1831-maybe,OH,or,IN)
     |  |-4. Mary Ann CARRIER-6860 (b.22 Apr 1835-maybe,OH,or,IN)
     |  |-4. Eliza Jane CARRIER-6861 (b.31 Mar 1837-maybe,OH,or,IN)
     |  |-4. James Timothy CARRIER-6862 (b.27 Mar 1842-Rush County,IN d.25 Oct 1926-LaGrange County,IN)
     |  | sp: Merinda SAWYER-6874 (b.Abt 1850-maybe,,OH m.28 Mar 1871 d.Abt 1876-probably,,IN)
     |  | sp: Sarah Jamime SAPP-6875 (b.4 Mar 1847-Akron,,OH m.20 Jan 1877/1878 d.23 Jul 1933-,LaGrange County,IN)
     |  |  +-5. Artie Chester CARRIER-6876 (b.11 Jan 1883-,,IN d.22 Dec 1963-,LaGrange County,IN)
     |  |    sp: Effie Carrie GIGGY-6877 (b.23 Sep 1881-maybe,,IN m.7 Dec 1910 d.18 Nov 1933-,LaGrange County,IN)
     |  |     |-6. Bernice Ethelyn CARRIER-6879 (b.1 Oct 1916-,LaGrange County,IN)
     |  |     | sp: Leo Max SISSON-6880 (b.29 Mar 1914-,LaGrange County,IN m.28 Nov 1935)
     |  |    sp: Maude Portner MCKIBBEN-6878 (b.Abt 1887-maybe,,IN m.16 Dec 1936 d.Abt 1966-,LaGrange County,IN)
     |  |-4. Carley C. CARRIER-6863 (b.8 Apr 1846-probably,Rush County,IN d.27 Jun 1864-Harietta,,GA)
     |  |-4. Walter CARRIER-6864 (b.11 May 1848-Rush County,IN)
     |  |-4. Isabella CARRIER-6865 (b.5 Dec 1849-probably,Rush County,IN d.Abt 1945-probably,Kosciosko County,IN)
     |  +-4. Elizabeth CARRIER-6866 (b.1853-IN)
     |-3. Catherine KERCHNER-6405 (b.Abt 1810-probably,,OH)
     | sp: Sarde FROST-7202 (b.Abt 1815-probably,USA m.16 Sep 1839)
     |-3. Henry KERCHNER-6407 (b.Abt 1813-probably,OH)
     | sp: Mary Polly WHETSLER-7203 (b.Abt 1816-probably,USA m.16 Mar 1837)
     |-3. Emanuel KERCHNER-6408 (b.15 Aug 1815-OH)
     | sp: Minerva INMAN-7204 (b.Abt 1815-probably,USA m.9 Sep 1841)
     |  +-4. James KARIHER-12209 (b.Abt 1842-probably,PA d.Washington Twsp,Franklin County,OH)
     +-3. surmised male 2 KERCHNER-6409 (b.Abt 1816-probably,,OH)

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