Jacob Christman Genealogy (c1711-1761)
Emigrated from Germany in 1736. Port of departure was Rotterdam, Holland.
Last port call prior to ship crossing the Atlantic was Cowes, England.
He arrived 16 Sep 1736 at Philadelphia PA on ship Princess Augustus.
According to ship list he was age 25 when he arrived, thus born c1711.
Settled on land in Upper Milford Township and Hereford Township PA.
The land he purchased in 1754 straddled the township and county line.
Part was in Upper Milford Twsp, Northampton Co (now Lehigh Co & pre-1752 it was Bucks Co) PA
and part was in Hereford Township, Berks County (pre-1752 it was Philadelphia Co) PA.
He died in 1761 in an accident on his farm when his horse reared up and he fell onto a hay fork.

A printed book about Jacob Christman (c1711-1761) is available with an all name indexed list of known descendants to seven
generations, his original land location maps, and his YDNA haplotype and haplogroup analysis for his direct male line.
Click this link for ordering information for the book.

Location of Jacob Christman's Original Land and Farm

Partial list of Jacob Christman's Descendants to Seven Generations

Jacob Christman's YDNA Profile and Haplogroup (J2)

Christman Surname Y-DNA Genetic Genealogy Project

An interesting tidbit about our Christman family I first learned about in 2003 and then
extensively researched his genealogy and proved his connection to our Christman family of Lehigh County PA.
Private William Christman, first soldier buried at Arlington National Cemetry, a direct descendant of our Jacob Christman

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From research and database of:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Commander USNR (Retired)
Emmaus PA 18049-1544
(a descendant of Jacob Christman, born c1711)

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An interesting Christman tidbit I found in 2003.
Private William Christman
The first soldier buried at Arlington National Cemetry.

Death and Internment record of Private William Christman

Private Christman's direct line goes as follows: Jacob c1711, Henry 1758, Johan George 1788, Jonas 1820 who married to Mary Ann (maiden name unknown, to Private William Christman, born 1843. Private William Christman is my third cousin, three times removed. Our common ancestor is the immigrant, Jacob Christman (c1711-1761). My direct early line is Jacob c1711, Philip 1755, Johan Henry 1777, Anna Maria aka Polly Christman, born 1805, who married Johannes Frederick Kerchner, my 2nd great-grandfather. Private William Christman and I are 3rd Cousins, 3 steps removed.

Visit to Private William Christman's Grave at Arlington Cemetery by Charles Kerchner on 7 Nov 2009

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