Tutorial Aides and Examples
Showing Relationships between People Tested
and Counting Unique Transmission Events and Unique Mutation Events
from the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) in a Genetic Genealogy Surname Project

Draw a Descent Tree Chart to Count Unique Transmission Events (UTEs)from the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)
A Diagrammatic Example by Charles Kerchner

It is recommended that you draw on paper a simple similar descent tree chart from the MRCA
for your surname project in order to show relationships and correctly count the UTEs.

Deducing the Ancestral Haplotype by Triangulation Method for the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) in a Surname Project

Determining Unique Mutation Events (UMEs) from the MRCA using an Excel Spreadsheet of Haplotype Data sorted by Birth Order.
There are seven highlighted UME clusters in descendant branches shown in this example with haplotypes sorted by birth order or Henry Number.
In this example note that the two separate clusters of allele 31 mutations for DYS449 are unique mutations
since they occurred independently in parallel in two separate and independent lines of descent from the MRCA.
Thus there are seven Unique Mutation Events (UMEs) in the Y-DNA tested descendants of the MRCA in this project. Count them.

What is a Henry Number?

More tutorial materials are being developed. Check back periodically.

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