Sailing ship named the Brothers, William Muir, Captain
Voyage arrived on 16 September 1751 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Foreigners names listed were imported on Ship Brothers via port of Rotterdam (Holland).

While the passenger and arrival record for this voyage does not state the last port of call in England (where the ship stopped prior to sailing to Pennsylvania which was legally required by the King) it was likely the port of Cowes which is located on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel as that is the last port of call for this same ship commanded by the same Captain on voyages preceding and following this voyage with “Palatine” freights/foreigners heading to Pennsylvania.

I am seeking information about villages of origin in Europe for the passengers on this ship.
Especially the two passengers J. George (X) Kirchner and Friederich (O) Kirchmer [sic].
Also those standing and/or registered immediately before and after them on the ship list.
YDNA testing confirms these two Kirchner males above were  definitely related  to my direct male
ancestor Adam (A) Kircher [sic] aka Adam Kerchner who arrived previously in Pennsylvania

in 1741 on the ship/snow Thane of Fife.


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See ship Brothers 1751 voyage detailed passenger list below.

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Research note:  While in this ship list the word Palatines was not used and instead the registrar called them Foreigners, the English who governed colonial Pennsylvania generally called all German speaking immigrants Palatines in these early ship lists even though many of these immigrants did not actually originate from the Palatinate. Many came from other German principalities such as Baden, Wuerttemberg, and Hesse. Others were German speaking Swiss and French Huguenots. Thus, even though a ship list declared the passengers as Palatines one should not assume that all of them came from the Palatinate. Many did not. Also, even though the lists may state they were imported from a port in Holland one should not surmise these people were born in Holland. The ports of Holland were the embarkation point for many German speaking immigrants who traveled down the Rhine River from the German speaking principalities to emigrate to Pennsylvania and other English colonies in the New World. Often friends and relatives from the same village traveled to the New World together. Thus people registered on the arrival lists standing next to each other in line during the registration process in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, possibly could be related or friends from the same village of origin.

Research note:  The two Christopher Hauer males listed immediately after the two Kirchner immigrants have been found to have originated from Blackenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany. They were father and son. The father was born in 1701 and the son born in 1729. The father settled in Lancaster Co PA where it is reported he died in 1780 in Fredricksburg, Lebanon Co PA.  The son died in 1806 in Rockingham, Rockingham Co VA. Since they were standing next to the Kirchner immigrants in the registration line, a research theory is that it is possible they were traveling together and thus could have been related some how or maybe from the same village of area of Germany.

Names, signature marks if not literate, "foreigners" imported as "passengers/freights" on the ship Brothers:


NOTE: List C is the only list for this ship.

[List 169 C] At the Court House at Philadelphia, on Monday, the 16th Sept 1751.
Present: The Worshipful, the Mayor, Thomas York, Esquire.
The Foreigners whose Names are underwritten, imported in the Ship Brothers, (not to be confused with The Two Brothers which qualified 21 Sept. 1751.) Capt. William Muir, from Rotterdam, did this day take and subscribe the usual Qualifications. Whole Freights 200. No. 93. Messrs. Stedman.  Research note:  Comments and locations shown after a name with [ ] brackets were added by myself.

Johannes Leinberger                                                  Paul Mercker [of Preuschdorf]
Johann Jacob Zigenfuss [of Raidelbach, Hessen, Germany]              Henrich Seytel
Johan Philibus Schneck                                               Friederich (X) Millefelt
J. Melchior (X) Swerer                                               Erhart (X) Millefelt
Henry (X) Shneyder                                                   Michel Bieber
Johannes Bieber                                                      Henrich Bieber [Mentioned in article about Bieber family from Hirschland]
Hans Jacob Farni  [possibly Salm, near Waldersbach, Alsace]          Johan Jacob Schmit
Hans Adam Wagner                                                     Johannes Schmitt
Joseph (X) Kennel                                                    Christof Weber
Friderik (+) Entzminger                                              Georg Hacker
Peter Abert                                                          Jacob Lehmann [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Johannes Schmitt                                                     Jacob Heit [of Groetzingen, Karlsruhe, Germany]
Jeörg Mader [of Dunstenheim, Alsace, France]                         Davit Mussgnug [of Sollingen, Karlsruhe, Germany]
Valtin Matter [of Dunstenheim, Alsace, France]                       Michael Raub [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Michael (X) Oberly                                                   Johann Georg Stählin
Johann Nicolaus Merckel [of Grossniedesheim, Rhineland-Palatinate]   Anthony Hauer [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Görg Conrad Meffert                                                  Joachim Nagel [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Philib Frantz                                                        Anthony Nagel [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Johan Jacob Ahlem                                                    Georg Obermeyer [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]+[more]
Andreas Klein                                                        Anthoni Nagel [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Johan Adam Stein                                                     Hans Jörg Kappel
Johannes Zeiszler                                                    Hans Georg Dillman [Neureut, Karlsruhe, Baden-Durlach]
Ludwig (X) Friedland                                                 Michael Weber  [Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden-Durlach]
Johann Michael Mohr                                                  Andreas Mor/Murr [Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden-Durlach]
Peter (X) Moore                                                      Johanes (M) Munster
J. Peter (+) Dingis [b.1738 Mittleburgh-parents died on ship]               Georg Meintzer [Son, of Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Peter (+) Heyser                                                     Conrad (+) Menser [Son, of Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Johann Jacob Blum                                                    Hans Georg(X)Uhllerik[Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden-Durlach]
J. Jacob (+) Maul                                                    Anthony (+) Graff
Johannes Seyfarth                                                    Davit (+) Bietch
J. Peter (X) Sheesler                                                Michael (+) Bietch
Johan Görg Hötzler                                                   Johann Adam Heiser
J. Jacob (X) Gerling [of Speyer, Rhineland-Palatinate]               Görg Bastian Eigelberger
Jacob Ludwig                                                         Lutwig Schlücker
Martin (++) Wolff                                                    Jacob (+) Roth
Henry (+) Wulff                                                      Johanes (X) Maintzer[Dad, of Hagsfeld, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Adam (+) Adams                                                       Friedrich Danniel Müller
Vallentin (X) Blumenstein or Plumenstein                             Ludwig Weltner
Johann Wendel Beylstein [Indentured servant-ran away in PA]          George (+) Hoffeintz
  and [possible European rec for Johann Wendel Beilstein]of[Nieder-Modau]
J. George (X) Kirchner [What I know about him in PA]                 Jacob Ritter
Friederich (O) Kirchmer [What I know about him in PA]                Ludewig (+) Bender
Christoff Hauer [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe Baden]                    Daniel Zoller [of Groetzingen, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Christoff Hauer [sic, name listed twice, probably a Jr.]             Jacob Frantz
Jacob (+) Hawer [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]                   Joh. Henry ( ) Past. Doct.,on board
Bernhart (X) Hawer [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]                Christian Peter
Sebastian Nagel [of Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]                   Heinrich Mag
Martin Maintzer [probably, Blankenloch, Karlsruhe, Baden]
Johann Michael Haus                                   

Pennsylvania German Pioneers - The Original List of Arrivals at the Port of Philadelphia (3 Volume Set)
by Strassburger & Hinke. (Ship Lists of 18th Century Arrivals Including Signatures for Port of Philadelphia PA.)

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