Descendant Chart for Immigrant Johan 'George' Kirchner
Known Descendants to Three Generations.
Arrived on ship
Brothers on 16 Sep 1751 at Philadelphia PA.
Also arriving on same ship was a Friederich Kirchner.
J. George Kirchner died soon after his arrival--definitely deceased by 1755.
George was married when he arrived. His wife's name was Julianna.
They had a young daughter when they arrived. Her name was Anna Barbara Kirchner.
I have surmised that these two immigrants, George and Friederich, were probably brothers.
George settled in or near Upper Salsford Township, Montgomery Co PA.

From personal computer database of: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., Emmaus PA
(not a descendant of this Kerchner/Kirchner branch but I am distantly related)

Last Updated: 22 June 2021

CAUTION: This is a surmised Descendant's Chart based on sparse records. This is a work in progress. This chart may still contain unproven surmises and could possibly contain errors. NOTE: Some names, places, and dates shown are the best estimates of this and are usually so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as about, maybe, near, probably, possibly, or "c" associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required. Surname spelling varies greatly in various records.

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Surnames of Prime Interest to Me

 1 - Johan George Kirchner aka George KIRCHNER/KIRCHER
       Born - Abt 1712 probably, Germany (probably s.w. Germany near Karlsruhe or Kaiserslautern)
       Died - Abt 1751/1752 near, U Salsford Twsp, Montgomery Co, PA, shortly after he arrived in PA
 sp- Julianna
       Born - Abt 1716 probably, Germany
       Mar. - Abt 1737 probably, Germany
       Died - probably in PA
     2 - Anna Barbara KIRCHNER
           Born - Abt 1738 probably, Germany
           Died - probably in PA
     sp- Johan Peter KABEL
           Born - Abt 1735 maybe, Germany
           Mar. - Not married to Anna Barbara.
                  Child apparently conceived out of wedlock.
         3 - Anna Elizabeth KIRCHNER
               Born - 27 Dec 1754 near, U Salsford Twsp, Montgomery Co, PA

Research note: The widow of George Kerchner, Juliana, remarried to Hartman Schwenk sometime after George Kirchner
died in Pennsylvania shortly after his arrival in Pennsylvania. 

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information and/or have corrections or more information to share with me about this family.

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