Descendants Chart for Charles Ludwig Keiper
Partial List of Descendants to Six Generations.
It is not known when he arrived in Pennsylvania.
He probably arrived with his family circa 1730/1740.
Settled in environs of Northampton Co PA.

From research of:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(a descendant)

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Research started: 1975
Webpage Created - 1 Aug 2001
Last Updated: 4 Feb 2018

WARNING: This is a compiled and surmised Descendant's Chart from years of research. This is a work in progress. This chart may still contain unproven surmises and possibly contains some errors. Do not pass along this work as absolutely proven facts since it is a work in process or reprint any of this without a caution that all of this has not yet been totally 100% proven.

Note: Some names, places, and dates shown are the best estimates of this research group and are usually so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as about, maybe, near, probably, possibly, or "c" associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required. Not all circa dates are so indicated because of the limitations of my PAF program which does not print a "c" in front of "circa" or "about" dates in all cases. If the date is not precisely given then assume it is an estimate. If information found here is useful and is used by you from this website, please give proper credit to my research and this website as your source.

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Surnames of Primary Interest to Me

1. Karl Ludwig Charles KEIPER Sr.-3421 (b.1694-Lachen,Neustadt,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany d.Abt Aug 1753-probably,Northampton County,PA)
sp: Maria Catharina KOCH-9585 (b.Abt 1700-Mutterstadt,Ludwigshafen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany m.17 Jan 1718d.probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |-2. Daniel KEIPER-9586 (b.Abt 1718-Mutterstadt,Ludwigshafen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany)
  |-2. Hans Jacob KEIPER-9587 (b.31 Mar 1720-Mutterstadt,Ludwigshafen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany)
  |-2. Johann Michael KEIPER-9588 (b.8 Aug 1721-Mutterstadt,Ludwigshafen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany d.probably,PA)
  | sp: Magdalena Catherine -9600 (b.Abt 1725-probably,Germany m.Abt 1748d.probably,PA)
  |  |-3. Maria Elizabeth KEIPER-9601 (b.Abt 8 Sep 1749-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  +-3. Magdalena KEIPER-9602 (b.24 Oct 1751-probably,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. Wilhelm KEIPER-9589 (b.11 Jul 1724-Mutterstadt,Ludwigshafen,Rheinland-Pfalz,Germany)
  |-2. Catharina KEIPER-4058 (b.Abt 1730-possibly,PA d.near,Hellertown,Lehigh County,PA)
  | sp: Michael HELLER-4059 (b.Feb 1724-Pfeddersheim,Worms,Hessen,Germany m.Abt 1749 d.Abt 13 Dec 1803-near,Hellertown,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. David HELLER-4068 (b.3 Oct 1750-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  | sp: Elisabeth -9918 (b.Abt 1752-maybe,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1775)
  |  |  +-4. Maria HELLER-2224 (b.29 Apr 1786-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.18 Jun 1856-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Nicholas TROXELL-2225 (b.29 Oct 1780-Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.25 Dec 1804 d.6 Aug 1829-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |     |-5. Maria TROXELL-9916 (b.11 Feb 1805-Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |     |-5. Elisabeth TROXELL-9917 (b.24 Aug 1806-Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |     |-5. Lydia TROXELL-2219 (b.27 Feb 1815-Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. Anna Susanna TROXELL-4772 (b.2 May 1817-probably,Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.20 Jun 1902-probably,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |       sp: Tilghman H. TROXELL-4773 (b.13 Nov 1813-S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1839 d.25 Dec 1869-Mechanicsville,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  +-3. Simon HELLER-18392 (b.25 Feb 1753-in,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. Elizabeth KEIPER-3422 (b.1732-probably,PA d.2 Aug 1795-Hellertown,Northampton County,PA)
  | sp: Daniel HELLER-4061 (b.15 Jul 1726-Pfeddersheim,Worms,Hessen,Germany m.Abt 1749 d.20 Apr 1803-near,Hellertown,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. Christopher HELLER-4071 (b.10 Dec 1750-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. Michael HELLER-9794 (b.17 Jul 1752-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.28 Mar 1834)
  |  | sp: Maria Magdalena LANTZ-9795 (b.Abt 1754-probably,PA m.Abt 1780)
  |  |-3. Jeremiah HELLER-9607 (b.15 Dec 1757-near,Bedminster Twsp,Bucks County,PA)
  |  |-3. John Dieter HELLER-9608 (b.1 Jan 1760-near,Bedminster Twsp,Bucks County,PA)
  |  |-3. Matthias HELLER-9610 (b.7 Apr 1762-probably,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.28 Nov 1832-Madison Township,Columbia County,PA)
  |  +-3. Philip HELLER-9611 (b.1764-U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.23 Apr 1788)
  |-2. Maria KEIPER-4057 (b.Abt 1734-probably,PA d.probably,Northampton County,PA)
  | sp: George Christopher HELLER-4060 (b.5 Apr 1731-Pfeddersheim,Worms,Hessen,Germany m.Abt 1754 d.23 Mar 1805-near,U Mt Bethel Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |-3. Joseph HELLER-4072 (b.19 Mar 1756-U Mt Bethel Twsp,Northampton County,PA d.26 Mar 1838-near,Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  | sp: Anna Margaret BUTZ/BETZ-10157 (b.12 Nov 1759-probably,Northampton County,PA m.Abt 1782 d.21 Feb 1841-probably,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Isaac HELLER-10158 (b.17 Jan 1786-probably,Northampton County,PA d.14 Apr 1870)
  |  |  | sp: Elizabeth YOUNG-10159 (b.1 Jan 1793-probably,PA m.Abt 1814 d.18 Sep 1855)
  |  |  |  +-5. Eliza HELLER-10036 (b.28 May 1815-Schoenersville,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.1 Nov 1890-Bath,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |    sp: Philip C. ODENWELDER-9856 (b.5 Oct 1814-Glendon,Williams Twsp,Northampton County,PA m.17 Jan 1837 d.10 Dec 1888-East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Emil (Emanuel) H. ODENWELDER-10058 (b.Abt 1838-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Elizabeth ODENWELDER-10059 (b.Abt 1841-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Isaac J. ODENWELDER-10060 (b.Abt 1844-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Amanda Sabina ODENWELDER-10061 (b.15 Jan 1847-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Emmaline S. ODENWELDER-10062 (b.18 Aug 1849-East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA d.21 Jan 1932-Nazareth,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     | sp: James Jonathon ROHN-17644 (b.26 Sep 1844-PA m.13 Sep 1870 d.19 Dec 1926-PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Mary A. ODENWELDER-10145 (b.1852-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     |-6. Philip Calvin ODENWELDER-10146 (b.24 Oct 1854-East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA d.29 Nov 1938-,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |     | sp: Viola LERCH-10148 (b.Abt 1863-PA m.24 Dec 1881)
  |  |  |     +-6. Jacob ODENWELDER-10147 (b.1857-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Joseph HELLER-10037 (b.2 Feb 1797-probably,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Elisabeth ODENWELDER-9860 (b.16 Jan 1808-probably,Northampton County,PA m.26 Aug 1827)
  |  |  |  |-5. Henry L. HELLER-10127 (b.1828-near,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |  |-5. Laura(?) M. HELLER-10128 (b.1831-near,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  |  +-5. Elizabeth HELLER-10129 (b.1833-near,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. George HELLER-10044 (b.28 Feb 1801-probably,Northampton County,PA d.Mar 1880)
  |  |    sp: Susanna ODENWELDER-9858 (b.25 Mar 1801-probably,Northampton County,PA m.31 Jan 1831)
  |  |     |-5. William HELLER-10125 (b.1833-near,Hanover Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. Philip HELLER-10126 (b.1835-near,Hanover Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |-3. Michael HELLER-10199 (b.9 Jan 1758-,Northampton County,PA d.12 Jun 1849-,Northampton County,PA)
  |  |-3. Jeremiah HELLER-4073 (b.25 Dec 1760-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  +-3. Catharine HELLER-10161 (b.Abt 1763-probably,PA d.,Medina County,OH)
  |    sp: John SCHEIB-10162 (b.Abt 1763-probably,PA m.Abt 1785d.,Medina County,OH)
  +-2. Carl Ludwig Charles KEIPER Jr.-3394 (b.15 Dec 1737-probably,PA d.19 Sep 1815-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
    sp: Maria Catharina ORT-3395 (b.12 Mar 1737-probably,Germany m.Abt 1757 d.17 Sep 1818-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. John KEIPER-3403 (b.24 May 1758-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.28 Dec 1825-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Anna Elisabeth -3404 (b.Abt 1758-PA m.Abt 1781d.probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Maria Catharina KEIPER-3405 (b.4 Jul 1782-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.1813-Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Jacob KEIPER-9508 (b.Abt 1784-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  | sp: Catharine -9509 (b.Abt 1784-probably,PA m.Abt 1810 d.Abt 1865-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  |-5. Elisabeth KEIPER-9510 (b.29 Dec 1815-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  |-5. Samuel KEIPER-20227 (b.5 Nov 1817-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.9 Nov 1903-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  | sp: Sybilla ZELLNER-20228 (b.21 Sep 1823-Rittersville,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 24 Nov 1844 d.31 Oct 1900-Rittersville,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  +-5. Maria Magdalena KEIPER-9511 (b.22 Jul 1819-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Abraham KEIPER-3406 (b.1 Apr 1790-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  | sp: Catharine -9487 (b.Abt 1797-probably near,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1816)
     |  |  |-5. Louisa KEIPER-9488 (b.25 Aug 1817-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.14 Sep 1818-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  |-5. Thomas KEIPER-9489 (b.23 Jul 1819-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.7 Aug 1828-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |  +-5. Benjamin KEIPER-11756 (b.31 Aug 1836-Freemansburg,Bethlehem Twsp,Northampton County,PA d.8 Jul 1913-,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |    sp: Mary Catharine KRAMER-11757 (b.18 Mar 1837-Forks Township,Northampton County,PA m.12 Dec 1858 d.22 Oct 1920-College Hill,,PA)
     |  |     +-6. Adelia KEIPER-11758 (b.26 May 1859-Forks Township,Northampton County,PA d.11 Feb 1952-Easton,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |       sp: Thomas Zebulon YARINGTON-11759 (b.22 Jun 1857-Easton,Northampton County,PA m.25 May 1877 d.15 Jun 1941-Easton,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |-4. Maria Magdalena KEIPER-3407 (b.26 May 1793-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  +-4. Daniel KEIPER-1673 (b.17 Mar 1794-probably,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.11 Jul 1862-probably,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |    sp: Susanna SANDEL (Parents Not Proven)-1855 (b.8 May 1798-probably,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1817 d.20 Aug 1842-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Elizabeth KEIPER-3402 (b.29 Sep 1818-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.8 Sep 1908-Hardin County,OH)
     |     | sp: William L. HOWARD-20221 (b.28 Feb 1819-Bethlehem,Northampton County,PA m.Abt 1840 d.29 Jan 1890-Hardin County,OH)
     |     |  +-6. Permainyou HOWARD-20222 (b.13 Oct 1841-Lehigh County,PA d.2 May 1917-Kenton,Hardin County,OH)
     |     |-5. Maria Anna KEIPER-3381 (b.11 Oct 1819-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Salome KEIPER-3271 (b.14 Apr 1822-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.13 Dec 1924-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     | sp: Joseph DEILY-3272 (b.24 Mar 1823-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA m.1843 d.16 Aug 1900-Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Edwin DEILY-3384 (b.1844-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  +-6. Hiram DEILY-10356 (b.30 Nov 1851-probably,Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Anna Susanna KEIPER-3382 (b.30 Oct 1824-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.4 Oct 1857-Lehigh County,PA)
     |     | sp: David REICHARD-20216 (b.1821-PA m.Abt 1843)
     |     |  |-6. Mary Ann REICHARD-20217 (b.1844-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Amanda REICHARD-20218 (b.1846-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Alfred REICHARD-20219 (b.1847-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  +-6. Susanna REICHARD-20220 (b.1849-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Solomon KEIPER-3266 (b.15 Jan 1826-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.17 Dec 1923-Duwark,Hardin County,OH)
     |     | sp: Mary BAERTSCHE-20223 (b.17 May 1839-Switzerland m.Abt 1867 d.11 Jan 1924-Dunkirk,Hardin County,OH)
     |     |  |-6. Willis KEIPER-20224 (b.26 Jan 1868-Dunkirk,Hardin County,OH d.13 Jun 1951-Marion,Marion County,OH)
     |     |  +-6. Charles KEIPER-20225 (b.1 May 1872-Dunkirk,Hardin County,OH d.22 Sep 1951-Columbus,Franklin County,OH)
     |     |-5. Josiah KEIPER-3383 (b.20 Nov 1827-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Paul KEIPER-3267 (b.Apr 1832-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Matilda Louisa KEIPER-88 (b.17 Jan 1834-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.17 Mar 1904-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     | sp: SGT Joseph KOCH-87 (b.2 Sep 1829-near,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA m.15 May 1853 d.18 Jun 1895-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Elemina Jane KOCH-9471 (b.4 Feb 1854-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.2 Jul 1854-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Ella Martha KOCH-9496 (b.8 Apr 1855-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.2 May 1949-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: John WIEAND-9497 (b.5 Aug 1855-Prussia,Germany m.Abt 1880 d.25 Apr 1940-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Amanda E. KOCH-9498 (b.15 Jun 1856-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.25 Sep 1893-Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Thomas N. ROTH-9499 (b.3 Aug 1855-probably,Lehigh County,PA m.29 Jul 1890 d.7 Jun 1928-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Emma KOCH-9897 (b.12 Aug 1856-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.19 Jun 1939-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Charles BERNDT-9491 (b.Abt 1858-probably near,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1882 d.Abt 18 Mar 1904-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Charles Cyrus KOCH-9339 (b.21 Jun 1859-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.24 Oct 1939-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Alice R. HEILMAN-9348 (b.27 Mar 1863-probably,PA m.5 Nov 1887 d.29 Apr 1918-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Alfred Samuel KOCH-9340 (b.7 Oct 1862-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.15 Feb 1913-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Catherine M. DELONG-9492 (b.2 Jun 1868-Trumbauersville,Bucks County,PA m.7 Jan 1888 d.8 Mar 1946-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Clara Minerva KOCH-9341 (b.18 Aug 1864-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.Abt 1865/1869-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. William H. KOCH-9342 (b.30 Sep 1865-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.23 Oct 1942-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Catherine E. STERNER-9999 (b.23 Oct 1866-probably,Lehigh County,PA m.29 Sep 1888 d.23 Dec 1949-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Lillian Jane KOCH-42 (b.16 Jan 1868-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.4 Mar 1923-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: George Henry LAUDENSLAGER-41 (b.8 May 1866-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA m.1887 d.15 Jan 1953-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Emelia KOCH-9343 (b.12 Aug 1868-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.Abt 1869-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Quinton Ambrose KOCH-9344 (b.12 Sep 1870-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.15 Dec 1965-maybe,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  | sp: Gertrude FRY-9493 (b.7 Apr 1875-maybe,Lehigh County,PA m.31 Mar 1894 d.28 Feb 1965-near,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  |-6. Eugene A. KOCH-9490 (b.20 Apr 1873-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.30 Jul 1934-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |  +-6. Clara Matilda KOCH-9345 (b.12 Oct 1875-Schoenersville,Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.27 Jul 1957-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |    sp: William Gustave PHILLIPS-9346 (b.20 Aug 1880-New Tripoli,Lehigh County,PA m.12 Dec 1907 d.2 Mar 1963-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Franciskus KEIPER-10387 (b.16 Jul 1835-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     |-5. Emmalinda L. KEIPER-3268 (b.16 Dec 1836-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.5 Jul 1875-near,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     | sp: James KIMMET-10388 (b.Abt 1835-maybe,,PA m.12 Feb 1855)
     |     |-5. Clarrissa KEIPER-3269 (b.1838-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |     | sp: Reuben BENNER-20226 (b.Abt 1834-probably,PA m.14 Oct 1855)
     |     +-5. Daniel D. KEIPER-3270 (b.5 Jan 1840-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA d.8 Apr 1910-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |       sp: Emmaline A. ERICH-10357 (b.5 Mar 1844-PA m.14 Apr 1863 d.2 Jul 1919-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Martha KEIPER-19204 (b.1862-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Sheridan KEIPER-19205 (b.1865-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Annie KEIPER-19206 (b.1866-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Alfred KEIPER-19207 (b.1868-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Erwin Daniel KEIPER-19203 (b.12 Nov 1869-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.4 Oct 1918-Allentown Hospital,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |        | sp: Kate Roseann BOYER-19231 (b.20 Sep 1875-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1894 d.6 Oct 1939-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Thomas KEIPER-19208 (b.1872-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. William KEIPER-19209 (b.1876-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        |-6. Charles KEIPER-19210 (b.1879-Lehigh County,PA)
     |        +-6. George F. KEIPER-18209 (b.Nov 1885-PA)
     |-3. Jacob KEIPER-3396 (b.16 Aug 1760-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Magdalena Catharina KEIPER-3397 (b.Sep 1764-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Joseph KIDD-9350 (b.1750-Hilltown,Bucks County,PA m.Abt 1794 d.29 Mar 1827-near,Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Thomas KIDD-11768 (b.Abt 1790-maybe,Allen Township,Northampton County,PA)
     |  | sp: Salome aka Sarah LUCKENBACH-11769 (b.Abt 1795-probably,PA m.Abt 1812)
     |  |  +-5. Jesse KIDD-9515 (b.Jan 1816-,Northampton County,PA d.probably,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |    sp: Sarah aka Sally HOCH-9516 (b.1813-,Northampton County,PA m.Abt 1835)
     |  |     |-6. Cilentha? KIDD-11760 (b.Abt 1835-probably,Moore Township,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. Benjamin KIDD-11761 (b.1841-probably,Moore Township,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. Henry KIDD-11762 (b.1843-probably,Moore Township,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. Elizabeth KIDD-11763 (b.1845-probably,Moore Township,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |    sp: Juliana A. EDELMAN-9517 (b.1831-,Northampton County,PA m.Abt 1851d.probably,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. Elvina KIDD-11764 (b.1853-probably,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. John KIDD-9513 (b.May 1858-probably,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA d.Abt 1923-probably,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     | sp: Anna Margaret EBERTS-9514 (b.Mar 1859-Northampton County,PA m.1883d.probably,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     |-6. Clara E. KIDD-11765 (b.1866-probably,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |     +-6. Mary M. KIDD-11766 (b.1870-probably,East Allen Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
     |  |-4. John KIDD-9351 (b.8 Feb 1795-Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Carl aka Charles KIDD-9352 (b.23 Feb 1796-Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Joseph KIDD-9353 (b.23 Oct 1797-Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.30 Nov 1867-near,Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  +-4. Catharina KIDD-9354 (b.22 Aug 1800-Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Helena KEIPER-9349 (b.Abt 1765-maybe,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Abraham KEIPER-8265 (b.3 Feb 1767-near,U Saucon Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.15 Sep 1828-Hanover Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Elizabeth KEIPER-3399 (b.9 Jun 1769-near,L Saucon Twsp,Northampton County,PA)
     |-3. Anna Margaret KEIPER-3398 (b.Dec 1771-near,U Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Joseph KEIPER-3400 (b.17 Feb 1774-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Maria Barbara KEIPER-3401 (b.6 Jan 1775-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     +-3. Joseph KEIPER-8264 (b.10 Aug 1778-near,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.23 May 1865-near,Hanover Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information and/or have corrections or more information to share with me about this family.

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