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[BB] Natural Born Citizen - Information, Papers, and Documents Uploaded to - Protect Our Liberty Lists

[BB] Natural Born Citizen - Information, Papers, and Documents Uploaded to - CDR Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret) Lists

[BB] Natural Born Citizen - Information, Papers, and Documents Uploaded to - Mountain Publius Goat Lists

[BB] A-Lesson-from-History-Is-Simply-Being-Born-a-Citizen-Citizenship-Enough-to-be-President-The-Founders-and-Framers-Emphatically-Decided-It-Was-Not.pdf

[BB] Natural-Born-Citizen-to-Constitutional-Standards-Some-Writings-About-Same-by-CDR-Charles-F-Kerchner-Jr-Ret.pdf

[BB] Of-Trees-and-Plants-and-Basic-Logic-Citizen-at-Birth-NOT-Identical-to-Natural-Born-Citizen-by-CDR-Kerchner-Ret.pdf

[BB] Euler-Logic-Diagram-Shows-Logical-Relationship-of-natural-born-Citizen-Set-and-SuperSets.pdf

[BB] Three-Legged-Stool-Test-for-Natural-Born-Citizen-to-Constitutional-Standards.pdf

[BB] The-Who-What-When-Where-Why-and-How-of-the-natural-born-Citizen-Term-in-Our-U-S-Constitution.pdf

[BB] What-U-S-Pres-in-History-Has-Multiple-Sources-in-Foreign-Country-Saying-He-Was-Born-There.pdf

[BB] I-Believe-the-Fix-Was-In-for-the-2008-Election-The-Perfect-Storm-for-a-Constitutional-Crisis.pdf

[BB] Obama-Not-a-Natural-Born-Citizen-w-Venn-Diagram-17Jan2011-Wash-Times-Natl-Wkly-pg-5.pdf

[BB] Support-LTC-Terry-Lakin-Wash-Times-Wkly-2011-01-03-pgs-20-21-Centerfold-Spread.pdf

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama Citizenship Facts (Including Updates)

[BB] 2008-12-23: Citizenship - Citizen, Born Citizen, and Natural Born Citizen

[BB] 2009-01-10: Obama's Indonesian Citizenship Video Adv - Banned on TV

[BB] 2009-01-14: Natural born citizenship per the "no spin zone Goat" :-)

[BB] 2009-03-08: Natural Born Citizen = 3 Leaf Clover Citizens <> 4 Leaf Type

[BB] 2009-03-23: A Citizen is Not a Subject & a Subject is Not a Citizen!

[BB] 2009-04-23: United States Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama

[BB] 2009-06-16: Natural Born Citizen Defined by Universal Truth & Natural Law

[BB] 2009-07-06: Citizen at Birth (CAB) does NOT equal Natural Born Citizen (NBC)

[BB] 2009-07-24: Why the RNC & McCain Stayed Silent about Obama's Citizenship

[BB] 2009-08-07: Why the Natural Born Citizen Clause of the Constitution is Important by Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

[BB] 2009-11-21: A Video About Natural Born Citizen - Three Little Words

[BB] 2009-11-28: Obama the Usurper's Three Enablers

[BB] 2010-02-14: Obama 3rd Generation Marxist - The Dossier

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