Descendant Chart for George Kirchner
Born in Germany. Emigrated in mid 1800s to Pennsylvania.
Settled in Salisbury Twsp area of Lehigh County PA.
Five Generation Partial Descendants Chart

From research of:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
CDR USNR & P.E. Retired
Emmaus PA 18049 USA
(not a descendant)

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Last Updated: 23 Jun 2020

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Note: Some dates shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Some data in this report is indicated as "near" or "about" or "circa" or "probably" or "possibly", etc. Therefore, do not quote dates or locations off this report as precise unless you have independently verified it. If data and/or information is useful and is used from this page please give proper credit and attribution to my decades of research into this family name and to this website source.

1. George KIRCHNER-5973 (b.Abt 1815-Germany,or,PA d.probably,PA)
sp: Mary RIES-5974 (b.Abt 1818-PA m.Abt 1840d.probably,PA)
  +-2. George H. KIRCHNER-2529 (b.18 Jan 1846-Lehigh County,PA d.16 Apr 1915-Mountainville,Lehigh County,PA)
    sp: Elvina Margaret BOGER-2538 (b.29 Sep 1846-Lehigh County,PA m.20 May 1868 d.30 May 1920-Salisbury Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Horace A. KIRCHNER-2528 (b.11 Nov 1868-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Edwin Uriah KIRCHNER-2530 (b.12 Feb 1870-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.27 Oct 1946-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Mantana GEHRIS-2539 (b.26 Jan 1870-Lehigh County,PA m.30 Nov 1893 d.4 Aug 1931-Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Flora Mamie KIRCHNER-2540 (b.15 Jan 1895-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Horace Edwin KIRCHNER-2541 (b.15 Feb 1896-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.25 Dec 1903-Lehigh County,PA)
     |  +-4. George J. KIRCHNER-20246 (b.18 Sep 1908-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.27 Mar 1923-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Mary A. C. KIRCHNER-2531 (b.26 Jan 1872-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.1926-Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Wharton WETHERHOLD-20247 (b.1862-possibly,PA m.Abt 1895 d.5 Jun 1939-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. William G. KERCHNER-2532 (b.26 May 1873-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.14 Mar 1940-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Tewillia S. WANAMAKER-19248 (b.23 Feb 1872-Lynn Township,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1925 d.15 Oct 1971-Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Charles H. KIRCHNER-2533 (b.19 Jul 1876-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.15 Oct 1877-Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Sarah Elvina KIRCHNER-2534 (b.20 Dec 1877-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Rosa Permille KIRCHNER-2535 (b.22 Jun 1880-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.7 Aug 1932-Lehigh County Home,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Frederick P. KIRCHNER-2860 (b.23 Aug 1882-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.10 Oct 1964-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: Sallie STELTZ-2544 (b.5 Feb 1888-Pottstown,Montgomery Co,PA m.Abt 1907 d.24 Oct 1918-Mountainville,Salisbury Township,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  |-4. Lloyd George KIRCHNER-2542 (b.27 Jun 1908-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.30 Dec 1996-L V Hospital,Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  +-4. Ellsworth Paul KIRCHNER-2545 (b.5 Feb 1910-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
     |    sp: Marian TETTEMER-11900 (b.Abt 1910 m.Abt 1932)
     |     +-5. Ellsworth Paul KIRCHNER Jr.-11901 (b.15 Oct 1937-probably,Lehigh County,PA d.8 Jan 1999-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Stephen G. C. KIRCHNER-4832 (b.12 Jan 1885-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.16 Jan 1887-probably,Lehigh County,PA)
     |-3. Blanche Caroline KIRCHNER-2537 (b.30 May 1887-Mountainville,Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.16 Dec 1931-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     | sp: William B. D. SCHLICHER-20248 (b.6 Sep 1883-Salisbury Township,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1909 d.18 Oct 1929-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     |  +-4. Nelson G. SCHLICHER-20249 (b.5 Jan 1909-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA d.27 Aug 1919-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
     +-3. Newton Wilson KIRCHNER-2536 (b.20 May 1889-Salisbury Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.1 Dec 1944-Allentown,Lehigh County,PA)
       sp: Annie E. OHL-6251 (b.Abt 1889-maybe,Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1908)
        +-4. Marguerite KIRCHNER-5687 (b.Abt 1909-probably,Lehigh County,PA)

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