Descendant Chart for Johann 'Heinrich' Lautenschlager
Arrived on Ship Tyger in 1771.
Partial and Very Sparse List to Five Generations
There were two Johann 'Heinrich' Lautenschlagers on this ship Tyger.
This chart is for the one which was indentured to John Burkholder
of Lancaster Township, Lancaster County PA.
This 'Heinrich' was born in Ober-Mossau, Odenwald, Hessen, Germany
the son of Nicholas Lautenschlager (1697-????) and Anna Catherine Eisenhaurer
per church records in the German emigrants book by Ella Gieg.
Per my research he was a first cousin of Johan 'George' Lautenschlager
who also arrived in 1771 on Ship Tyger.

compiled by:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant)

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1. Johann Heinrich aka Henry LAUTENSCHLÄGER-1935 (b.10 Aug 1747-Ober-Mossau,Odenwaldkreis,Hessen,Germany d.19 Jan 1835-Hagerstown,MD)
sp: Elizabeth -6294 (b.Abt 1750-maybe,PA m.Abt 1772d.unknown,maybe,Lancaster County,PA)
  |-2. Elizabeth LAUTENSCHLÄGER-6954 (b.21 Aug 1773-near,E Cocalico Twsp,Lancaster County,PA)
  |-2. Barbara LAUTENSCHLÄGER-6295 (b.31 Mar 1775-near,Lancaster,Lancaster County,PA d.28 Sep 1849-near,Washington County,MD)
  | sp: John STOCKSLAGER-17154 (b.18 Jan 1763-PA m.Abt 1796 d.9 May 1863-MD)
  |  +-3. Peter STOCKSLAGER-17899 (b.4 Dec 1807-PA d.23 Jan 1861-Funkstown,Washington County,MD)
  |    sp: Sarah H. KARN-17900 (b.21 Jan 1816-MD m.12 Jan 1839 d.14 Aug 1900-Funkstown,Washington Co,MD)
  |     +-4. David Karn STOCKSLAGER-17901 (b.14 Dec 1839-Washington County,MD d.17 Dec 1901-Washington County,MD)
  |       sp: Mary Melinda WALTZ-17902 (b.25 Aug 1844-Washington County,MD m.2 Jan 1864 d.27 Aug 1877-MD)
  |        +-5. Rev. Philip Thomas Emory STOCKSLAGER-17903 (b.19 Dec 1871-Funkstown,Washington County,MD d.2 Jul 1947-Harrisburg,Dauphin County,PA)
  |          sp: Mary Grace PETERS-17904 (b.1 Mar 1879-Butler,Adams County,PA m.2 Apr 1902 d.14 Apr 1922-Worthington,Armstrong Co,PA)
  |-2. Anna Catharina LAUTENSCHLÄGER-6296 (b.17 Feb 1777-near,Lancaster,Lancaster County,PA)
  |-2. Maria Elizabeth LAUTENSCHLÄGER-6297 (b.Feb 1779-near,Lancaster,Lancaster County,PA)
  +-2. Johann Heinrich LAUTENSCHLÄGER-6298 (b.15 Feb 1785-near,Lancaster,Lancaster County,PA)

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