Descendant Chart for Jacob Wetzel
of Lower Milford Township, Lehigh County PA
Partial List to Four Generations
Arrived in Pennsylvania before c1734.
The exact date or the name of the ship is not known.
He died about 22 May 1774 in L Milford Twsp, Lehigh Co PA.
He was a member of the Great Swamp Reformed Church in L Milford.

by: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
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Note: Some names, places, and dates shown are the best estimates of this researcher and are so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as about, maybe, probably, possibly, or near associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required. The numbers immediately following the hyphen after the person's name are my computer database record numbers and are not dates, etc. Wetzel family researchers may wish to first contact
Calvin Wetzel and/or Michele Miller for possible assistance since they are Wetzel descendants and are active Wetzel researchers. Please feel free to contact them if you have information to share about Wetzels. Also feel free to mention I referred you from this webpage.

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Wetzel Descendants Chart Page

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1. Jacob WETZEL-1772 (b.Abt 1700-probably,Germany d.Abt 22 May 1774-L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
sp: Anna Barbara Elisabetha -3977 (b.Abt 1700-probably,Germany m.Abt 1726d.probably,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. Johann Peter WETZEL-3812 (b.Abt Apr 1732-near,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  | sp: Anna Margaretha EBERHARD-3818 (b.Abt 1733-maybe,,PA m.Abt 1753d.probably,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  |  |-3. Johannes WETZEL-3061 (b.Abt Mar 1759-near,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  |  | sp: Catharine -3062 (b.Abt 1760-Lehigh County,PA m.Abt 1783)
  |  |  |-4. Christina WETZEL-3056 (b.Abt 1784-Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Johannes WETZEL-3057 (b.28 Feb 1786-Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. Anna Margaretha WETZEL-2750 (b.26 Jul 1761-probably,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  |  |-3. Anna Barbara WETZEL-3580 (b.9 Feb 1768-L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. Anna Catharina WETZEL-3582 (b.13 Jun 1770-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  +-3. Johann George WETZEL-3583 (b.9 Nov 1772-L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |-2. Anna Maria WETZEL-3974 (b.Abt 1733-probably,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  | sp: Adam TRUMP-3975 (b.1722-Germany m.Abt 1750 d.1802-near,U Milford Township,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  |-3. Johann Jacob TRUMP-3983 (b.Abt 1751-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  |  +-3. Anna Margareth TRUMP-9145 (b.29 Jun 1768-Gwynedd Township,Montgomery County,PA d.4 Jan 1859-Clinton County,IL)
  |    sp: William REDDICK Sr.-15642 (b.Abt 1762-probably,PA m.Sep 1785d.possibly,IL)
  |-2. Elisabetha Barbara WETZEL-3972 (b.Abt 1735-probably,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  | sp: Christian MILLER-3973 (b.Abt 1732-possibly,Europe m.Abt 1760)
  |  +-3. Maria Eva MILLER-21352 (b.May 1769-Berks County,PA)
  |-2. Anna Margareth WETZEL-3982 (b.1736-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.maybe,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County)
  | sp: Jacob HAAG-3985 (b.Abt 1733-probably,PA m.Abt 1753/1758)
  |  +-3. Johann Jacob HAAG-8504 (b.6 Jul 1773-near,Maxatawny Twsp,Berks County,PA)
  |-2. Jacob WETZEL Jr.-3976 (b.Abt 1738-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
  | sp: Anna Maria HAAG-3978 (b.Abt 1738-probably,PA m.26 Oct 1759)
  |  |-3. Jacob WETZEL-2746 (b.Abt Aug 1760-near,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
  |  +-3. Anna Margaretha WETZEL-3950 (b.30 Mar 1771-probably,Longswamp Twsp,Berks County,PA)
  +-2. Johannes WETZEL-3306 (b.Abt 1740-near,L Milford Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
    sp: Eva MEYER-3307 (b.Abt 1740-probably,PA m.19 May 1761)
     |-3. Johann Jacob WETZEL-1780 (b.18 Apr 1767-near,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
     |-3. Peter WETZEL-2751 (b.23 Sep 1768-near,U Hanover Twsp,Montgomery County,PA)
     |-3. Anna Barbara WETZEL-2988 (b.29 Feb 1776-Longswamp Twsp,Berks County,PA)
     +-3. Johann Heinrich WETZEL-3308 (b.13 Apr 1778-Longswamp Twsp,Berks County,PA)

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