Text of Last Will and Testament of Johan "Adam" Kerchner
Born circa 1704 likely in S.W. Germany.
Arrived 7 Nov 1741 in Philadelphia PA on (Snow/Ship)
Thane of Fife.
Died 26 Aug 1768 in Hereford Township, Berks County PA.

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Last Will and Testament of Adam Kerchner of Hereford Township,
Berks County, Pennsylvania, made 26 August 1768, probated 17
October 1768, Will Books Volume 2, page 51, Berks County
Courthouse, Reading PA.

Transcribed and contributed February 1999 by: Charles Kerchner of
Emmaus PA, a direct descendant. Some punctuation marks were added
for clarity.

                          IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN

     I, Adam Kerchner, of the Township of Hereford, County of
Berks, Being Weak in Body But of Sound Memory, Blessed Be God, Do
This Day which is The Twenty Sixth of August in the Year of our
Lord, One Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty Eight, Make and
Publish This My Last Will and Testament in Manner Following.
First it is My Will and do order That my Body Might be Buried in
a Christian Like and Decent Manner after the Derection (sic) of
My Executors Herein after Named.

     And as for my Worldly Estates where with it hath pleased the
Lord To Bless me in This Live (sic) I Dispose of Them in Manner

     First I give and Begueath unto My Dear Wife Barbara My Bed
and all The Third Part of all My Mufable (sic) Estate and That in
Law of her Dower To Be To her By My Executors as soon as Possible
after My Decease & Besides She is to Keep her Clothes and No

     Also I Give To My Son Friedrich five Pounds as Before my
other Children other wise to be Equal with all My other Children
which are Eva Elizabeth & Anna Barbara & Anna Margreat & Anna
Mary, And is My Will and do order That When my Debts is (sic)
paid and My Dear wife Hath received her Due Share as above
Expressed and My Son Friedrich Hath Received the five Pounds,
then all My Estate shall be Divided in Equal shares amongst My
Children. It May Consist in Real or Personal of What Ever
Denomination it may be of.

     And I Do further Nominate and appoint My Dear Wife Barbara
and My Trimly and Trusty and Loving Friend, Conrad Shoup, Sole
Executors of This My Last Will and Testatment To Do All Things
According To My Will and orders And do also Hereby Revoke and
Make Void all other and former Wills and Testaments. In Witness
Whereof I Have Hereunto Set My Hand and Seal the Day and Year
above Written.
Signed, Sealed and Declared
by the said Adam Kerchner as and           his
for his Last Will & Testament         Adam (A) Kerchner [Seal]
in the Presence of us.                     Mark 

Phillipp Basters
Georg Christman
Friederick (+) Seiler


     Be it Remembered That all My Rie (sic) Whatsoever Then shall
be over plush (sic) shall Be Kept for Bread Corn for My Wife and
Children after My Decease. Witness My Hand and Seal the Day and
Date within Mentioned.

Witnesses Present

Phillipp Basters                         his   
Georg Christman                     Adam (A) Kerchner [Seal]   
Friederick (+) Seiler                    mark

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