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[BB] 2008-11-08: Electoral College Duties and Purpose per Constitution

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama Citizenship Facts (Including Updates)

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama Sugar Daddies to Get into Harvard

[BB] 2008-11-09: Bill Ayers Obama and Annenberg Foundation Money

[BB] 2008-11-09: Who Wrote "Dreams from My Father"?

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama, Ayers, and Klonsky

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama and Hillary Share a Common Ideological Mentor

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama Visited Pakistan as a College Student

[BB] 2008-11-09: Obama on Bill Ayers - This is Just a Guy Who Lives in My Neighborhood

[BB] 2008-11-09: Why Obama is Mum about Harvard

[BB] 2008-11-11: Obama and Tony Resko - Follow the Money

[BB] 2008-11-12: Write Letters and Emails to Your Representatives in Congress

[BB] 2008-11-13: Logan Act - Did Obama Violate It?

[BB] 2008-11-15: Obama's Draft Registration Card Dated 1980 Likely Bogus

[BB] 2008-11-18: Meet Michael Klonsky

[BB] 2008-11-22: Obama Born in Kenya Acknowledged by Kenyan Ambassador

[BB] 2008-12-12: The Law of Nations or Principles of Natural Law

[BB] 2008-12-22: Hello From My New Ledge

[BB] 2008-12-22: A Video Message to the Members of Congress

[BB] 2008-12-23: Citizenship - Citizen, Born Citizen, and Natural Born Citizen

[BB] 2008-12-31: An Open Letter to Congress - Dear Members of Congress

[BB] 2009-01-02: An Open Letter to U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts

[BB] 2009-01-07: An Open Letter to The Federalist Society - Sue Congress

[BB] 2009-01-08: Joint Session Electoral Vote Count - Will Objections Come? (nix)

[BB] 2009-01-09: I Cut My RNC Membership Card in Half and Mailed it to Mike Duncan

[BB] 2009-01-10: Obama's Indonesian Citizenship Video Adv - Banned on TV

[BB] 2009-01-11: Presidential Election Laws ... the Governing Laws

[BB] 2009-01-11: Mountain Goat Will be Guest on Mark McGrew Radio Talk Show

[BB] 2009-01-11: What we in America have been up against for 60 years

[BB] 2009-01-12: Legal Battle Rages Across America - Updated One Page Flier/Handout Sheet

[BB] 2009-01-12: - a Well Organized Obama Info Website

[BB] 2009-01-13: ACTION REQUEST - Contact the Conservative Action Groups Now!

[BB] 2009-01-14: An Open Letter to Secretary Michael Chertoff head of the Department of Homeland Security

[BB] 2009-01-14: An Open Letter to President George W. Bush

[BB] 2009-01-14: Natural born citizenship per the "no spin zone Goat" :-)

[BB] 2009-01-15: Sue Congress Itself for Committing Unconstitutional Acts

[BB] 2009-01-24: Frustrated Vets of America - Congress Not Listening - Full Pg Ad Placed 5 Jan 2009 in Washington Times National Weekly Edition

[BB] 2009-01-29: Chairman Obama has his new Little Blue Book

[BB] 2009-01-29: John Greschak's Essay - What is a Natural Born Citizen of U.S.

[BB] 2009-01-29: Mr. O wants Military to Swear Oath to Pres not Constitution (nix)

[BB] 2009-01-30: Obama Lawyers Fib in Hollister v Soetoro Motion To Dismiss

[BB] 2009-02-05: The Politics by Manufactured CRISIS - the Cloward-Piven Strategy

[BB] 2009-02-09: The "Chicken Little Presidency" of Obama & Perpetual Crisis

[BB] 2009-02-09: WND Exclusive - Communist: Nationalize US Economy

[BB] 2009-02-10: "The Price is Right Presidency" Live Show Airs at Ft Meyers FL (Conversational Hypnosis)

[BB] 2009-02-15: The Great Obama Swindle of 2008 by Attorney Raymond Kraft

[BB] 2009-02-16: Obama's Revenge by Joan Swirsky

[BB] 2009-03-06: Mel Martinez - Possible Wannabe Pres Candidate Changes Rules

[BB] 2009-03-07: Mark Twain Revisited ... Suppose You Were an Idiot ...

[BB] 2009-03-08: Natural Born Citizen = 3 Leaf Clover Citizens <> 4 Leaf Type

[BB] 2009-03-11: Obama's Political Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome aka The Cloward-Piven Strategy

[BB] 2009-03-15: Members of Congress Contact List Website Links - Alpha Order

[BB] 2009-03-16: What is Marxism? An Article Published at

[BB] 2009-03-21: "The Laws of Nature" Cited in Declaration of Independence

[BB] 2009-03-23: A Citizen is Not a Subject & a Subject is Not a Citizen!

[BB] 2009-03-27: The Government's Role in Creating the Financial Crisis

[BB] 2009-04-09: What Obama is Not!

[BB] 2009-04-15: No Taxation without Responsive Representation!

[BB] 2009-04-18: Patriots' Day -- April 19th

[BB] 2009-04-23: United States Citizens vs. Barack Hussein Obama

[BB] 2009-04-24: Obama, Alinsky, and Scapegoating

[BB] 2009-04-28: Website Offers $25,000,000 Reward for Obama's Real Long-Form Birth Certificate

[BB] 2009-05-13: HR 1503 - Presidential Eligibility Documentation - More Congress Reps Sign on

[BB] 2009-06-05: Certification of Live Birth (COLB) - Mickey Hussein Mouse II

[BB] 2009-06-13: Mr. Obama - America's 1st Undocumented (Illegal Alien) President?

[BB] 2009-06-14: Obama's Other Controversial Church

[BB] 2009-06-16: Natural Born Citizen Defined by Universal Truth & Natural Law

[BB] 2009-06-19: Glenn Beck Show Does a Segment on the ACORN Tree

[BB] 2009-06-22: A Narrative- How Obama is Born in Kenya but Obtains Birth Registration Filing Record in Hawaii

[BB] 2009-06-23: The Manchurian President on Page 25 of Washington Times National Weekly

[BB] 2009-06-28: Breakthrough on the Authorship of Obama's 'Dreams From My Father'

[BB] 2009-06-28: Of the Support of the Constitution and Obedience to the Laws

[BB] 2009-07-02: Kerchner On Sovereign Immunity - Kerchner v Obama & Congress

[BB] 2009-07-03: Obama Sees Signs of Christmas Future and Its Ghost Scares Him!

[BB] 2009-07-03: Remembering What the Declaration of Independence is Not

[BB] 2009-07-04: - Publicity & Educational Expenses Fund Raiser for Kerchner Case

[BB] 2009-07-06: Citizen at Birth (CAB) does NOT equal Natural Born Citizen (NBC)

[BB] 2009-07-08: Despite all the O-Bot misinformation postings claiming otherwise, Barack Hussein Obama II is still a British Subject

[BB] 2009-07-11: Narrative - How Obama is Born in Kenya but still obtains a Birth Certificate (BC) in Hawaii and/or a Certification of Live Birth (COLB)

[BB] 2009-07-11: Obama visits "Continent of His Birth" per Modern Ghana news story in Africa

[BB] 2009-07-13: FAX Letters to Your Congress People for Free. This is a Free Site.

[BB] 2009-07-13: A Suggested Question for the Judge Sotomayor Hearing

[BB] 2009-07-24: CIA Officer Commissions an Investigative Report on Obama's documents and Eligibility

[BB] 2009-07-24: MSNBC's Chris Matthew's Internet Last Week vs Internet This Week

[BB] 2009-07-24: Why the RNC & McCain Stayed Silent about Obama's Citizenship

[BB] 2009-07-25: U.S. Military Bases in Foreign Countries are NOT considered U.S. Soil

[BB] 2009-07-25: Obama Tells His Buddy Professor Gates to "Cool It" About This ID Stuff

[BB] 2009-07-27: Obama a British Subject When Born. See 27 Jul 09 Full Pg Ad

[BB] 2009-07-27: Defendants File Reply to Opposition Brief re Kerchner v Obama

[BB] 2009-07-27: The Two Birth Announcements in Hawaii Papers in August 1961 Regarding Obama's Alleged
Birth in Hawaii Have Absolutely No Independent Probative Value or Proof Value

[BB] 2009-07-27: Pajamas TV on Saul Alinsky and Sarah Palin

[BB] 2009-07-27: Congress Woman Bachmann Blocks Resolution Declaring Hawaii as Obama’s Birthplace

[BB] 2009-08-03: Obama - The Manchurian Candidate - by Jon Christian Ryter's Conservative World

[BB] 2009-08-07: Why the Natural Born Citizen Clause of the Constitution is Important by Mario Apuzzo, Esq.

[BB] 2009-09-02: Meet Michael Klonsky and his wife Sue Eanet (both SDS)

[BB] 2009-09-05: David Horowitz on Obama

[BB] 2009-09-05: The Jarrett Connection - Obama’s Hawaii and Chicago Communist Networks Were Linked?

[BB] 2009-09-06: Trevor Loudon of NZ - Must Hear Interview on BlogTalkRadio about Obama and His Many Commie Cronies

[BB] 2009-09-07: Larry Grathwhol FBI Infiltrator of the Weather Underground

[BB] 2009-09-07: Meet Jeff Jones a Founder of the violent Weather Underground

[BB] 2009-09-07: Old SDS is Reborn as MDS - Movement for Democratic Society

[BB] 2009-09-12: Tea Party Washington DC 12 Sep 2009 Crowd Picture 500,000 to 1,500,000 Marched Down Pennsylvania Avenue

[BB] 2009-09-19: A "Hat Tip" to One of Our Very Own ... Creative Ogre

[BB] 2009-09-19: Meet the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) & Their Organization Chart

[BB] 2009-09-20: Meet Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn (both SDS)

[BB] 2009-09-20: Meet the "Mature" students for a Democratic Society (MDS)

[BB] 2009-09-20: Organizations Funded Directly by George Soros

[BB] 2009-09-24: Judge in Kerchner v Obama & Congress case now 7+ wks late!

[BB] 2009-09-29: Obama Makes a Freudian Slip Clue in Book as to Where Born?

[BB] 2009-09-29: SDS - Rebels with a Cause - Their Oral History Project

[BB] 2009-10-01: Letter of Inquiry Sent by Atty Apuzzo to Judge Simandle

[BB] 2009-10-02: "The Crime of Usurpation" by John Charlton, Post n Email

[BB] 2009-10-03: Big Bird calls out Michelle Obama about Hubbie's Missing BC

[BB] 2009-10-11: The Federal Courts Are Committing Treason to Constitution

[BB] 2009-10-20: Kerchner: On the Sovereign and Sovereign Immunity

[BB] 2009-10-27: Kerchner Appeal Filed to Fed 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals

[BB] 2009-11-21: A Video About Natural Born Citizen - Three Little Words

[BB] 2009-11-28: Obama the Usurper's Three Enablers

[BB] 2009-12-10: Obama The Usurper Time Clock

[BB] 2010-02-14: Obama 3rd Generation Marxist - The Dossier

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