Descendant Chart for George Kerchner.
Arrived in U.S. pre-1850.
1850 Census indicates he was born in Germany.
Was reported as residing in Easton, Northampton Co PA
in 1846 per his records found in Civil War widow's
pension file for his widow Elizabeth.
He married Elizabeth Gaebel on 4 Oct 1846 at
Trinity Lutheran Church, Reading, Berks Co PA.
Settled before 1850 in Cumru Twsp, Berks Co PA.
He died in 1864 in the Civil War.
His widow later remarried to Henry Speicher.
Descendants found in Lancaster Co PA.
Four Generations Partial Descendants Chart

by: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant)

and: Barbara Kerchner
(a descendant)

Last Updated: 07 May 2016

Even though I am not a descendant of this Kerchner immigrant, I have researched this family group because his descendants spell the surname exactly the same as my immigrant family group. This immigrant arrived in PA pre-1850 and settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Descendants are found in Lancaster County PA. To date I have not found any link to my 1741 immigrant ancestor, Adam Kerchner, of Lehigh and Berks Co PA.

Note: Some dates shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Unfortunately, for this report the "about" or "circa" prefix on a date is not printed. Therefore, do not quote dates off this report as precise unless you have independently verified it. If you use any information from this report please give proper credit to this webpage and researcher.

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1. George KERCHNER (Private in GAR)-4289 (b.1822-Germany d.5 Aug 1864-Civil War,Point of Rocks,Broadway Landing,VA)
sp: Elizabeth GAEBEL-11207 (b.22 Dec 1829-Berks County,PA m.4 Oct 1846 d.26 Feb 1908-Reading,Berks County,PA)
  |-2. George KERCHNER Jr.-11208 (b.2 Jul 1847-Berks County,PA d.Abt 1925-probably,Berks County,PA)
  | sp: Catherine KELLER-11212 (b.Jul 1852-PA m.1872 d.Abt 1915-probably,Berks County,PA)
  |  |-3. Maggie KERCHNER-11910 (b.1875-probably,Lancaster County,PA)
  |  +-3. William A. KERCHNER-11911 (b.19 Dec 1878-probably,Lancaster County,PA d.11 Jul 1947-L Heidelberg Twp,Berks County,PA)
  |    sp: Mary BROSSMAN-17620 (b.Dec 1880-PA m.Abt 1898)
  |     +-4. Florence C. KERCHNER-17621 (b.Jul 1899-PA)
  |-2. Lewis or Louis KERCHNER-11209 (b.15 Nov 1849-Berks County,PA d.5 Apr 1927-Reading,Berks County,PA)
  | sp: Catharine GERHARD-12388 (b.1853-PA m.Abt 1877)
  |  +-3. Jennie KERCHNER-12389 (b.1878-PA)
  |-2. Louisa KERCHNER-11633 (b.31 Oct 1853-Berks County,PA d.5 Feb 1922-Reading,Berks County,PA)
  | sp: Nathaniel ESHELMAN-12371 (b.1851-probably,Berks County,PA m.Abt 1875d.possibly,Reading,Berks County,PA)
  |  +-3. George H. ESHELMAN-12372 (b.1876-probably,Berks County,PA)
  |-2. Emma KERCHNER-11634 (b.25 Mar 1856-Berks County,PA d.17 Jul 1924-Sinking Spring,Berks County,PA)
  |-2. Mary KERCHNER-11210 (b.14 Oct 1858-Berks County,PA d.probably,Berks County,PA)
  | sp: Sebastian BLIMLINE-12375 (b.28 Jun 1858-Brecknock Twsp,Berks County,PA m.Abt 1875 d.May 1909-Sinking Spring,Spring Township,Berks County,PA)
  |  |-3. John BLIMLINE-12376 (b.1876-probably,Berks County,PA)
  |  +-3. Nora BLIMLINE-12379 (b.1878-probably,Berks County,PA)
  +-2. William G. KERCHNER-1596 (b.18 Feb 1861-Berks County,PA d.24 Apr 1942-E Cocalico Twsp,Lancaster County,PA)
    sp: Rebecca MENTZER-1597 (b.22 Apr 1860-Kleinfeltersvill,Heidelberg Twsp,Lebanon County,PA m.26 Jun 1880 d.11 Mar 1916-Berks County,PA)
     |-3. Charles Henry KERCHNER-1594 (b.20 Jan 1881-Spring Township,Berks County,PA d.18 Jul 1960-Lancaster County,PA)
     | sp: Annie E. WOLF-1595 (b.1 Oct 1885-Lancaster County,PA m.19 Jul 1902 d.9 Sep 1949-Lancaster County,PA)
     |  |-4. Agnew Collins KERCHNER-11159 (b.18 Jan 1903-probably,Lincoln,Lancaster County,PA d.10 Mar 1978-Lancaster,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  | sp: Shirley BRENDLE-11160 (b.7 Mar 1906-Bowmansville,Brecknock Twsp,Lancaster County,PA m.Abt 1927 d.29 Sep 2001-Elizabethtown,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  |-4. Pauline E. KERCHNER-12339 (b.1 Nov 1907-probably,Lancaster County,PA d.6 Nov 1907-,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  |-4. Howard Roger KERCHNER MSGT USAF-18505 (b.26 Aug 1917-probably,Lancaster County,PA d.3 Dec 1984-possibly,MD)
     |  | sp: Gertrude Elizabeth -18506 (b.8 Aug 1914-probably,USA m.Abt 1940 d.22 Apr 2005-probably,USA)
     |  +-4. Henry William KERCHNER-1593 (b.14 Sep 1922-Lincoln,Ephrata,Lancaster County,PA d.25 Jan 1989-Ephrata,Lancaster County,PA)
     |    sp: Marie KRUTUL-11158 (b.16 May 1922-Freeland,Luzerne County,PA m.7 Feb 1946)
     |-3. William Martin KERCHNER-8316 (b.12 Feb 1890-Clay Township,Lancaster County,PA d.Feb 1970-probably,Lancaster County,PA)
     | sp: Edna Smith GRESS-8317 (b.29 Apr 1890-Reinholds,Lancaster County,PA m.30 Apr 1910 d.1957-probably,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  |-4. Helen Rebecca KERCHNER-8318 (b.21 Oct 1910-W Cocalico Twsp,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  |-4. Pauline Elizabeth KERCHNER-8319 (b.19 Jun 1918-Lincoln,Lancaster County,PA)
     |  +-4. Charles Philip KERCHNER-8320 (b.31 Oct 1920-Reinholds,Lancaster County,PA d.21 Jun 2008-Reading,Berks County,PA)
    sp: Laura -1598 (b.Abt 1876-maybe,PA m.Abt 1918)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share information
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