Descendant Chart for Adam Kirchner.
Arrived at Philadelphia PA on Ship Edinburgh on 5 Sep 1748.
Son of Johan Wilhelm Kirchner and Susanna Catharine Greber
who were of Okarben, Hessen, Germany.
Adam appears to have settled initially in what was then Philadelphia Co PA.
Early descendants found in Merion Township, Montgomery Co PA.
Some descendants changed name spelling to Kartchner and are found in Utah and Arizona.
A descendant William Decatur Kartchner was pioneering member in CLDS.
Five Generations Partial Descendants Chart

by: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
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(not a descendant)

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Even though I am not a descendant of this Kirchner immigrant, I have researched this family group in my efforts to learn of any possible inter-connections between the Kerchner and Kirchner immigrants. Please give proper credit to my work and this page as your source if you use any data from my webpages to aide your personal genealogy research.

Note: Some dates and locations shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Unfortunately, for this report some of the words such as "about" or "circa" or "near" or "maybe" or "probably" or "possibly" do not print in all cases. Therefore, do not quote dates and locations off this report as precise unless you have independently verified it. Please give credit to this webpage if you use any of the information presented on this webpage.

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1. Adam KIRCHNER Sr.-2950 (b.Abt 1733/1734-Mannheim,Baden,Germany d.Abt 1798-Philadelphia,PA)
sp: Sarah WEBER-2951 (b.Abt 1760-maybe,PA m.26 Sep 1787d.probably,near,Philadelphia,PA)
  |-2. Johann Christopher KIRCHNER Sr.-2952 (b.7 Aug 1788-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA d.2 Apr 1826-Manayunk,Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
  | sp: Prudence WILCOX-2955 (b.6 Dec 1787-Middletown Twsp,Delaware County,PA m.6 Oct 1809 d.23 Nov 1872-Colfax,Jasper County,IA)
  |  |-3. Caroline KARTCHNER-10114 (b.11 Oct 1810-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA d.27 Apr 1814-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA)
  |  |-3. Peter W. KARTCHNER-10202 (b.29 Aug 1812-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA d.7 Apr 1868-,,IA)
  |  | sp: Lucinda HERRING-12466 (b.Abt 1820-probably,USA m.Jan 1842)
  |  |-3. Margaret KARTCHNER-10201 (b.9 Jul 1814-Roxborough,Delaware County,PA d.24 Apr 1870-PA)
  |  |-3. John Christopher KARTCHNER Jr.-10204 (b.13 Nov 1816-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA d.20 Jun 1911-Colfax,Jasper County,IA)
  |  |-3. Mark KARTCHNER-10200 (b.18 Apr 1819-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA d.23 Apr 1819-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA)
  |  |-3. William Decatur KARTCHNER-2957 (b.4 May 1820-Haverford,Montgomery Co,PA d.14 May 1892-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  | sp: Margaret Jane CASTEEL-2989 (b.1 Sep 1825-Cooper,,MO m.21 Mar 1844 d.11 Aug 1881-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Sarah Emma KARTCHNER-2990 (b.17 Aug 1846-Pueblo,Pueblo,CO d.5 Dec 1934-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. William Ammon KARTCHNER-10213 (b.30 Mar 1848-Salt Lake City,Salt Lake County,UT d.22 Feb 1852-San Bernardino,,CA)
  |  |  |-4. Prudence Jane KARTCHNER-10214 (b.15 Mar 1850-Cottonwood,Salt Lake City,Salt Lake County,UT d.8 Feb 1896-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. John Decatur KARTCHNER-10215 (b.26 Nov 1851-San Bernardino,SanBernardino Co,CA d.3 Feb 1946-Salt Lake City,Salt Lake County,UT)
  |  |  |-4. Mark Elisha KARTCHNER Sr.-10216 (b.10 Dec 1853-San Bernardino,SanBernardino Co,CA d.4 Aug 1939-Provo,UT)
  |  |  | sp: Phoebe PALMER-17551 (b.18 Feb 1858-Provo,UT m.Abt 1875 d.15 Aug 1956-Salt Lake City,UT)
  |  |  |  +-5. Mark Elisha KARTCHNER Jr.-17552 (b.6 Jun 1876-Panguitch,Garfield County,UT d.1 Nov 1954-Orem,UT)
  |  |  |    sp: Ellen Matilda LOVELESS-17553 (b.20 Jan 1878-Provo,UT m.Abt 1899 d.8 Jul 1957-Rexburg,Madison County,ID)
  |  |  |-4. James Peter KARTCHNER-10217 (b.28 Nov 1855-San Bernardino,SanBernardino Co,CA d.6 Jan 1858)
  |  |  |-4. Alzada Sophia KARTCHNER-10218 (b.5 Jan 1858-Lower Water,Mojave Desert,San Bernardino,CA d.8 Jan 1936-Mesa,Maricopa County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Mary Marinda KARTCHNER-10219 (b.11 May 1860-Beaver,Beaver County,UT d.20 Mar 1919-Mill Creek,Salt Lake County,UT)
  |  |  |-4. Nowlin Decatur KARTCHNER-10207 (b.24 May 1862-Beaver,Beaver County,UT d.21 Jul 1927-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Orrin KARTCHNER-10208 (b.20 Feb 1864-Beaver,Beaver County,UT d.30 Sep 1961-Mesa,Maricopa County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Euphemia Ardimonia KARTCHNER-10220 (b.14 Mar 1867-Mill Point,Logandale,Clark County,NV d.15 Apr 1868-Mill Point,Clark County,NV)
  |  | sp: Elizabeth GALE-2991 (b.20 Jan 1845-Sydney,,New South Wales,Australia m.5 Dec 1862 d.9 Mar 1928-Mesa,Maricopa Co,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Aaron KARTCHNER-10209 (b.24 Dec 1863-Beaver City,Beaver County,UT d.5 Jun 1922-Lewiston,,UT)
  |  |  |-4. Henry KARTCHNER-10221 (b.15 May 1866-Millpoint,Clark County,NV d.24 Aug 1868-,,UT)
  |  |  |-4. Culver KARTCHNER-10210 (b.20 Jul 1868-Millpoint,Clark County,NV d.23 May 1949-Fowler,Fresno County,CA)
  |  |  |-4. Minnie KARTCHNER-10211 (b.26 Dec 1870-Overton,Clark County,UT d.24 Dec 1969-Mesa,Maricopa County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Byrtle Gale KARTCHNER-2992 (b.11 May 1873-Panquitch,Iron County,UT d.18 Jul 1949-Winslow,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  | sp: Emma Cecelia MCCLEVE-3002 (b.29 Jun 1884-Taylor,Apache County,AZ m.5 Apr 1905 d.1 Apr 1950-Holbrook,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |  +-5. Elizabeth Mildred KARTCHNER-2993 (b.30 Aug 1919-Taylor,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |    sp: Quince Edward RHOTON-3003 (b.3 Mar 1918-Shumway,Navajo County,AZ m.7 Jul 1936)
  |  |  |-4. Darien KARTCHNER-10205 (b.19 Nov 1875-Panguitch,Iron County,UT d.12 Apr 1964-Fresno,Fresno County,CA)
  |  |  | sp: Margaret Ann MCCLEVE-10206 (b.25 Dec 1880-Taylor,Navajo County,AZ m.8 Oct 1903 d.8 Sep 1932-Snow Flake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Elsie KARTCHNER-10212 (b.14 May 1878-Taylor Order,Navajo County,AZ d.12 Apr 1945-Mesa,Maricopa County,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Etta KARCHNER-10222 (b.15 Jul 1881-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ d.24 Dec 1926-Taylor,,AZ)
  |  |  |-4. Zina KARTCHNER-10223 (b.7 Dec 1883-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ d.24 Dec 1977-Phoenix,,AZ)
  |  |  +-4. Melva KARTCHNER-10224 (b.8 Feb 1886-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ d.15 Nov 1903-Snowflake,Navajo County,AZ)
  |  +-3. Sarah Ann KARTCHNER-10203 (b.7 Sep 1823-Merion Township,Montgomery Co,PA d.12 May 1908-PA)
  +-2. Adam KIRCHNER Jr.-2953 (b.1790-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)

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