Descendant Chart for John Kerchner.
Arrived in Illinois about 1892/1894.
From Spielberg, Hessen, Germany.
Settled in Bureau County, LaSalle County, and Lee County IL area.
List of Some Known Descendants to Three Generations

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Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant of this line)
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I am researching this Kerchner line even though I am not a descendant of this Kerchner immigrant because this family group spelled the surname exactly the same as my immigrant ancestor Adam Kerchner family group. John Kerchner arrived in USA the 1892/1894 and settled in Lee and Bureau County, Illinois with descendants of him settling in LaSalle County IL and Lee County IL. To date I have not found any link to my much earlier arriving 1741 immigrant ancestor, Adam Kerchner, of Lehigh and Berks Co PA. If you have family links to the Illinois Kerchner family please contact me. Thank you.

Note: Some dates shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Some data in this report is indicated as "about", "near", "maybe", "probably", "possibly", or "circa", etc. Therefore, do not quote dates off this report as precise unless you have independently verified it. If you use any data from this page and report, please give credit to this page and researcher. Thank you.

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1. John KERCHNER-22104 (b.29 Jun 1853-Spielberg,Hessen,Germany d.26 May 1912-Bureau County,IL)
sp: Margaretha PFEIFER-22105 (b.7 Apr 1856-Michelau,Hessen,Germany m.22 Apr 1878 d.23 Sep 1929-Bureau County,IL)
  |-2. Henry KERCHNER-22102 (b.26 Mar 1881-Germany d.30 Oct 1931-Bureau County,IL)
  | sp: Lillian Ann HERMANN-22103 (b.30 Oct 1885-NY m.Abt 1907 d.4 Mar 1959-Bureau County,IL)
  |  |-3. John W. KERCHNER-22108 (b.3 Jul 1906-IL d.6 Mar 2001-Boone County,IL)
  |  | sp: Faith E. SWOPE-22109 (b.14 Sep 1913-IL m.Abt 1931 d.9 Oct 1995-Winnebago County,IL)
  |  |-3. Arthur Edward KERCHNER-22116 (b.11 Sep 1912-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL d.21 Mar 1924-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  |  |-3. Esther Lydia KERCHNER-22668 (b.13 Feb 1919-Meridian Township,Clinton County,IL d.5 Jul 2016-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  |  |-3. Clarence John KERCHNER-22117 (b.19 Feb 1922-IL d.12 Dec 2006-probably,IL)
  |  | sp: Nettie Caroline ROBINSON-22963 (b.16 Sep 1927-probably,IL m.Abt 1948 d.6 Sep 1997-IL)
  |  |-3. Cora Nellie KERCHNER-22715 (b.6 Dec 1924-Edviele,LaSalle County,IL d.26 Jul 2001-Sublette,Lee County,IL)
  |  +-3. Dora Sadie KERCHNER-22714 (b.6 Dec 1924-Edviele,LaSalle County,IL d.11 Sep 2013-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  |-2. Carl Adam KERCHNER Sr.-22118 (b.30 Aug 1894-Lee County,IL d.9 Nov 1936-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  | sp: Rena MANN-22120 (b.15 Oct 1898-IL m.Abt 1917 d.13 May 1995-LaSalle County,IL)
  |  |-3. George J. KERCHNER-22124 (b.31 Oct 1917-Compton,Brooklyn Township,Lee County,IL d.11 Jan 2009-LaSalle County,IL)
  |  | sp: Margaret MCCONNELL-22694 (b.6 Sep 1921-USA m.20 Aug 1940 d.14 Oct 2014-Dixon,Lee County,IL)
  |  |-3. Margaret Bertha KERCHNER-22127 (b.7 Nov 1922-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL d.15 Feb 2006-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  |  |-3. Oscar Adam KERCHNER-22125 (b.20 Dec 1924-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL d.14 May 2011-Dixon,Lee County,IL)
  |  |-3. Ruth Vada KERCHNER-22128 (b.1928-IL)
  |  |-3. Carl Adam KERCHNER Jr.-22123 (b.17 Aug 1930-IL)
  |  |-3. Wilbert Carl KERCHNER-22121 (b.25 Jul 1931-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL d.22 Feb 2019-Rockford,Winnebago County,IL)
  |  | sp: Carol BRUCKER-22122 (b.1931-probably,IL m.27 Nov 1954)
  |  +-3. Kenneth George KERCHNER-22126 (b.21 May 1933-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL d.30 Dec 2012-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  |    sp: Miriam M. GLASER-22716 (b.26 Jul 1934-Sublette,Lee County,IL m.25 Jun 1955 d.14 Nov 2013-Mendota,LaSalle County,IL)
  +-2. George P. KERCHNER-22119 (b.21 Feb 1897-Lee County,IL d.29 Nov 1991-Lee County,IL)
    sp: Sadie I. SWOPE-22766 (b.27 May 1899-maybe,IL m.Abt 1920 d.12 Feb 1988-probably,Lee County,IL)
     |-3. Lee Henry KERCHNER-22765 (b.24 Apr 1921-probably,IL d.10 May 2009-CO)
     | sp: Helen H. BENNETT-22798 (b.8 May 1922-USA m.Abt 1943 d.15 Apr 2002-CO)
     +-3. Harold Elijah KERCHNER-22767 (b.1927-IL d.22 Apr 1933-Compton,Brooklyn Township,Lee County,IL)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share information on this Kerchner line.

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
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