Descendant Chart for George 'Adam' Lautenschlager
Arrived in Pennsylvania circa 1817 as an Immigrant from Wuerttemberg.
He settled in the City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County PA.
Early census records report him as Adam Loudenslager and later as George A. Loudenslager.
He initially self identified using his middle name as his call name which
was the Old German Naming Custom but he later adopted American Naming Customs.
Partial List of Descendants to Four Generations

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18th Century PA German Naming Customs
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1. Georg Adam aka Adam LAUTENSCHLÄGER-18066 (b.Abt 1795-Wuerttemberg,Germany d.probably,Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
sp: Olivia -18067 (b.Abt 1805-PA m.Abt 1822d.probably,Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Henry LOUDENSLAGER-18075 (b.1822-probably,Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
  | sp: Sophia -18076 (b.Feb 1823-PA m.1841)
  |  |-3. Catharine LOUDENSLAGER-18077 (b.1841-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  |-3. Adam LOUDENSLAGER-18078 (b.1845-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  |-3. William Henry LOUDENSLAGER-18079 (b.1848-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  |-3. George Jacob LOUDENSLAGER-18080 (b.Sep 1849-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  |-3. William LOUDENSLAGER-18081 (b.1853-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  |-3. Sophia LOUDENSLAGER-18082 (b.Sep 1856-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |  +-3. Clara LOUDENSLAGER-18083 (b.Nov 1857-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
  |-2. Catharine LOUDENSLAGER-18084 (b.1825-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Rosanna LOUDENSLAGER-18085 (b.1828-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Ann LOUDENSLAGER-18086 (b.1833-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Adam LOUDENSLAGER-18087 (b.1837-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Lewis LOUDENSLAGER-18088 (b.1841-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  |-2. Olivia LOUDENSLAGER-18089 (b.1845-Philadelphia Co,PA)
  +-2. Jacob LOUDENSLAGER-18068 (b.Aug 1849-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA d.1918-Philadelphia,Philadelphia County,PA)
    sp: Catherine CLENDEING-18069 (b.Abt 1856-possibly,Europe m.Abt 1875 d.1905-probably,Philadelphia Co,PA)
     +-3. Frederick LOUDENSLAGER-18070 (b.Nov 1881-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
       sp: Elizabeth REYNOLDS-18071 (b.Abt 1886 m.Abt 1904)
        +-4. Herbert Jacob LOUDENSLAGER-18072 (b.18 Nov 1904-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA d.23 Nov 1963-Philadelphia,Philadelphia Co,PA)
          sp: Marie LAMARTYINE-19268 (b.Abt 1905-possibly,USA m.Abt 1928)

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