Descendant Chart for Johan 'Philip' Kercher.
Arrived at Philadelphia PA 24 Sep 1742 on ship Robert & Alice.
Philip settled in Lancaster Co PA.
Descendants Chart for Some Known Descendants

by: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant of this line)
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Even though I am not a descendant of this Kercher immigrant, I have researched this family group in my efforts to learn of any possible inter-connections between the various Kercher and Kerchner immigrants.

Note: Some dates shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. In some cases the dates and events are estimates and so indicated with words like "circa", "about", "near", or "probably". Therefore do not quote data off this report as precise unless it is precisely listed. And if the data is very important to your line, you should independently verify it. Feel free to contact me. Please credit your sources.

Seeking direct male line descendants of this Kercher male line to
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1. Johan Philip KERCHER-17306 (b.Abt 1720-probably,Germany d.Lancaster Co,PA)
sp: Franica -17307 (b.1720-probably,Germany m.Abt 1750 d.Abt 9 Jan 1788-Lancaster Co,PA)
 +-2. Frederick KERCHER-17304 (b.6 Feb 1754-probably,Lancaster Co,PA d.24 Feb 1798-Lancaster Co,PA)
   sp: Catharine SPIKLER-17309 (b.Abt 1755-possibly,PA m.1780(nm))
   |-3. Friederich KERCHER-17310 (b.25 Feb 1781-Lancaster Co,PA)
   sp: Justina -17305 (b.17 Aug 1766-PA m.Abt 1785 d.19 Feb 1843-probably,Lancaster Co,PA)
   |-3. John KERCHER-14101 (b.Abt 1786-probably,Lancaster County,PA d.Abt 1825-probably,Lancaster County,PA)
   | sp: Catherine -14102 (b.Abt 1790-possibly,Lancaster County,PA m.6 Sep 1808)
   | +-4. William KERCHER-14099 (b.31 Dec 1813-Rapho Township,Berks County,PA d.probably,OH)
   |   sp: Elizabeth MOYER-14100 (b.Abt 1815-maybe,PA m.1841 d.Bef 1880-probably,OH)
   |   +-5. Abraham KERCHER-14097 (b.23 Mar 1851-Ashland County,OH d.1922-Goshen,IN)
   |     sp: Anna BUZZARD-14098 (b.11 May 1855-IN m.Abt 1875 d.Abt 1906-IN)
   |-3. unnamed son KERCHER-17308 (b.30 Aug 1789-Lancaster Co,PA)
   |-3. Susanna KERCHER-17312 (b.1 Dec 1790-near,Manheim,Lancaster Co,PA)
   +-3. Friederich KERCHER-17311 (b.20 Mar 1796-Lancaster Co,PA)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share information on this line.

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