Descendant Chart for Michael Anthony Kerchner
Arrived 6 Sep 1832 at Philadelphia PA on Ship Adler (Eagle).
From Freudenberg, Baden, Germany.
Originally Settled in Philadelphia PA.
But Later Settled in Baltimore MD.
Four Generation Partial Descendants Chart

Compiled by:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant)
Last Updated: 02 Oct 2019

I am researching this Kerchner line even though I am not a descendant of this Kerchner immigrant
because this family group spelled the surname the same as my ancestors of Berks and Lehigh Co PA did.

Note: Some dates shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Some data in this report is indicated as "about", "circa", "near", "probably", "maybe" etc. Therefore, do not quote dates and locations off this report as precise unless they are stated precisely and you have independently verified it. Please give proper credit if you use data from my webpage.

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1. Michael Anthony KERCHNER-1608 (b.10 Jan 1804-Freudenberg,Baden,Germany d.13 Mar 1857-probably,Baltimore,MD)
sp: Anna Maria KERN-1609 (b.21 Jan 1806-Freudenberg,Baden,Germany m.Abt 1828 d.5 Mar 1870-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |-2. Francis William KERCHNER Col.-10899 (b.29 Jan 1829-Freudenberg,Baden,Germany d.2 Apr 1910-Hamilton,MD)
  | sp: Lydia Catherine HATCH-10900 (b.1834-MD m.Abt 1855 d.21 Jun 1894-Wilmington,NC)
  |-2. Frederick Augustus KERCHNER-12708 (b.13 Jan 1831-Freudenberg,Baden,Germany d.31 Dec 1898-Baltimore,MD)
  | sp: Anna Catherine BURGER-12727 (b.28 Feb 1831-USA,or,Europe m.Abt 1854 d.17 Oct 1912-Baltimore,MD)
  |  +-3. Charles F. KERCHNER Sr.-13004 (b.Oct 1858-Baltimore,MD d.probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |    sp: Mary F. -17025 (b.Mar 1867-MD m.Abt 1889d.probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |     |-4. Pauline Valentine KERCHNER-13005 (b.14 Feb 1890-maybe,MD d.Oct 1997)
  |     |-4. Charles F. KERCHNER Jr.-13006 (b.23 Dec 1891-WV d.1 Jan 1978-Phillipsburg,Centre County,PA)
  |     | sp: Helen BLAIR-17026 (b.Abt 1892-MD m.Abt 1916)
  |     +-4. Beatrice Crawford KERCHNER-13007 (b.Abt 1895-maybe,MD)
  |-2. Adrian KERCHNER-10921 (b.1833-probably,Philadelphia,PA d.1834-probably,Philadelphia,PA)
  |-2. Ferdinand KERCHNER-1607 (b.11 Jul 1835-probably,Philadelphia,PA d.2 Jun 1918-Baltimore,MD)
  | sp: Frederica HUBEL-12728 (b.Abt 1837 m.Abt 1857)
  | sp: Anna B. LINNENKEMPER-7227 (b.21 Jan 1839-Bavaria,Germany m.Abt 1860 d.26 Nov 1914-Baltimore,MD)
  |  |-3. Mary Catherine KERCHNER-12683 (b.1861-probably,,MD d.1925)
  |  |-3. Anna Gertrude KERCHNER-12682 (b.1865-probably,,MD d.1950)
  |  |-3. Mary Regina KERCHNER-12679 (b.20 Apr 1873-probably,,MD d.21 Apr 1940-probably,MD)
  |  | sp: Herman R. HULSHOFF-12680 (b.17 Aug 1869-probably,USA m.Abt 1895 d.19 Feb 1940-probably,MD)
  |  |  +-4. Gerard Herman HULSHOFF-13900 (b.Jul 1915-possibly,MD d.21 Aug 1993-possibly,MD)
  |  |-3. Ferdinand John KERCHNER-1606 (b.1875-probably,,MD d.1925-probably,,MD)
  |  | sp: Mary MULLAHY-7228 (b.1880 m.Abt 1897 d.1923-probably,,MD)
  |  |  +-4. William F. KERCHNER Sr.-1605 (b.29 Dec 1898-Baltimore,MD d.Nov 1961-Baltimore,MD)
  |  |    sp: Margaret Bernice CHARLES-7225 (b.16 Nov 1904-Annapolis,,MD m.Abt 1930 d.13 May 1966-College Park,,MD)
  |  |-3. John J. KERCHNER-1610 (b.11 Dec 1877-Baltimore,,MD d.1950-probably,MD)
  |  | sp: Caroline FISHER-13537 (b.Abt 1879-Germany m.Abt 1910 d.1935-probably,MD)
  |  |  |-4. Mary Loretta KERCHNER-13539 (b.1912-MD)
  |  |  |-4. Mary Lucille KERCHNER-13540 (b.1914-MD)
  |  |  |-4. LTC George Francis KERCHNER-13538 (b.22 Feb 1918-Baltimore,Baltimore County,MD d.17 Feb 2012-VA)
  |  |  | sp: Violet Irene SCHUNEMAN-13541 (b.15 May 1920-USA m.Abt 1939 d.22 Jan 1989-Berlin,Worcester Co,MD)
  |  |  +-4. John A. KERCHNER-1611 (b.1 Dec 1922-MD d.Dec 1987-Baltimore,MD)
  |  |    sp: Mary G. ROSSBACH-1612 (b.20 Mar 1923-MD m.29 Mar 1948 d.Aft 1949)
  |  |-3. F. William KERCHNER-12681 (b.1881-probably,,MD d.1922)
  |  +-3. Mary Teresa KERCHNER-12684 (b.1883-probably,,MD d.1885-probably,,MD)
  |-2. Adolph KERCHNER-12710 (b.1 Jun 1837-probably,Philadelphia,PA d.31 Dec 1915-probably,,MD)
  | sp: Mary HUBEL-12729 (b.Abt 1840 m.Abt 1865)
  |-2. Maria Rosina KERCHNER-10922 (b.9 Aug 1839-Wilmington,,DE d.3 Feb 1906-Baltimore,,MD)
  | sp: John Nepomucene KUNKEL-12342 (b.23 Sep 1831-Aschaffenburg,,Bavaria,Germany m.24 Nov 1859 d.29 Jun 1910-Baltimore,,MD)
  |  |-3. Frederick KUNKEL-12706 (b.23 Sep 1860-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |  |-3. Joseph A. (1) KUNKEL-12716 (b.12 Jul 1862-probably,Baltimore,MD d.Abt 1862)
  |  |-3. Mary Regina KUNKEL-12717 (b.6 Sep 1863-probably,Baltimore,MD d.14 Feb 1915)
  |  |-3. Michael A. KUNKEL-12718 (b.10 Jul 1865-probably,Baltimore,MD d.Abt 1865)
  |  |-3. John Alph. KUNKEL-12719 (b.5 Aug 1866-probably,Baltimore,MD d.30 May 1935)
  |  |-3. Nicholas A. KUNKEL-12720 (b.17 Jun 1868-probably,Baltimore,MD d.12 Dec 1935)
  |  |-3. Francis F. KUNKEL Rev.-12707 (b.9 Jul 1870-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |  |-3. Teresa M. KUNKEL-12721 (b.14 Aug 1872-probably,Baltimore,MD d.8 Feb 1932)
  |  |-3. Margaret Dorothy KUNKEL Sister-12722 (b.1 Dec 1874-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |  |-3. Joseph A. (2) KUNKEL-12723 (b.27 May 1876-probably,Baltimore,MD d.6 Jun 1882)
  |  |-3. William Francis KUNKEL-12724 (b.4 Dec 1878-probably,Baltimore,MD d.10 Jan 1907)
  |  |-3. Joseph A. (3) KUNKEL-12725 (b.10 Dec 1882-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |  +-3. Teresa Purzer KUNKEL-12726 (b.27 Aug 1889-probably,Baltimore,MD)
  |-2. Catherine Margaret KERCHNER-12709 (b.21 Nov 1841-probably,Wilmington,MD d.11 Nov 1924-MD,or,Washington,DC)
  | sp: Henry NEUBECK-12730 (b.1841 m.Abt 1872 d.1916-MD,or,Washington,DC)
  |  |-3. Henry NEUBECK-16910 (b.1872-Washington,DC)
  |  |-3. Adolph NEUBECK-16911 (b.1875-Washington,DC)
  |  +-3. Francis NEUBECK-16912 (b.1878-Washington,DC)
  |-2. Caroline KERCHNER-12711 (b.22 Dec 1843-Cambridge,,MD d.1898-probably,,MD)
  | sp: Michael HESSLER-12731 (b.Abt 1843 m.Abt 1868 d.1910)
  +-2. Josephine KERCHNER-12712 (b.1847-probably,Baltimore,MD d.1855-probably,Baltimore,MD)

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