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What's Your Haplogroup?

DNA Haplogroup Pins

Proudly Display Your Genetic
Genealogy DNA Haplogroup(s).
Makes a Unique, Inexpensive Gift
from the Family Historian.

Paternal Line Y-DNA Haplogroup
Lapel Pins(3/4" Square)-more info

Maternal Line mtDNA Haplogroup
Lapel Pins(3/4" Round)-more info

Paternal Line YSNP Name
Lapel Pins(3/4" Square)-more info

Y-DNA (male line) haplogroup R1b and mtDNA (female line) haplogroup H shown in photos
with jewelry storage pouch are the most frequent haplogroups reported.
Most major haplogroups available. Quality gold finished lapel pins.

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What is your haplogroup? Don't know?
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