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Fliers and Handouts for Use at Tea Party and Other Events

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Download these fliers & handouts. Enlarge, shrink, or resize when printing to fit the paper page size.
You may use them for any non-financial gain or non-profit type educational use to expose Obama.
Print one flier on one side and another one on the other side.
These images make good handouts and fliers for family, friends, and at Tea Parties.

AZ Sheriff Says Obama BC Forged Space Obama BC Forged Flier Space 3 Enablers Flier

Thank you to all who have contributed to make these possible.

Snooty NoBama Usurper with Tag Obama Is a Usurper - Illegal Putative President British No Obama Usurper with URL
Obama Usurper Horizontal with URL

To learn more about the lawsuit visit:
Atty Mario Apuzzo's Blog

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Some Essays and Writings on Natural Born Citizenship
and the Obama Eligibility Issue by Mountain Publius Goat

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