At this time I am recommending donations be given to support of the site "" (BR/ORYR) whose
site which was hosted on a Google platform was hacked likely via an indirect vectored attack by those seeking
to deny him use of Google resources. His site has also been denied use of Google AdSense advertising tools.
This is a concerted effort in my opinion to deny this site revenues & to harass & try to put it out of existence.
The Obama administration used similar unethical/illegal IRS tactics to try to deny revenue to Tea Party groups.
Please consider making a donation via the following link to help the owner cover the out of pocket
cash costs to make the transition to a new independent server and management location. If you leave a
message with your donation, please tell them you were referred by Thank you.

Click this link to donate to help

All Donations are Considered Gifts to Temporarily Help BirtherReport and are Not Tax Deductible.

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