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Message Plastered on Obama's Forehead that Just Won't Go Away

I Just Won't Go Away!
200w x 220h

Daisy Says - Woof! - Obama Lacks Constitutional Eligibility to be President

Sheltie - I got my Papers! [Spacer Image] Sheltie - I got my Papers!

Obama's Lack of Constitutional Eligibilty - The Three Enablers

The 3 Enablers Side Banner [Spacer Image] The 3 Enablers Box [Spacer Image] 3 Chimps Animated

Obama the Arrogant Snooty Usurper-in-Chief

NoBama Horizontal Usurper with URL [Spacer Image] Snooty NoBama Usurper with URL [Spacer Image] British No Obama Usurper with URL

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Atty Mario Apuzzo's Blog

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Some Essays and Writings on Natural Born Citizenship and the Obama Eligibility Issue by M Publius Goat

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