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This is not a general purpose query page. If you have not had your maternal line
mitochondrial DNA (MtDNA) tested do not post Y-DNA test results or queries to this log.
Important Reminder: What you post in this will be viewable to the general public worldwide.
Thus do not post private, confidential information and details about living people
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What is the Mitochondria DNA (MtDNA) Test?
Find out more about the Mitochondria DNA Testing for maternal matches at's website.

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Log Book Provided Courtesy of Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.

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Date the MtDNA test final results were received: (e.g. 10 April 2003)
(If exact date is not known just estimate the month and year.)

Enter the MtDNA Haplgroup assigned based on the test results:
(Example: For my mtDNA testing my Haplogroup assigned is H1a.)
(If none was determined or assigned by your lab input 'not determined'
Enter your MtDNA results for HVR1, i.e., differences from Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS):
(Enter the mutation allele values separated by commas and spaces.)

(Enter the results as given in the results report. Do not truncate or abbreviate the values.)
(Results for HVR1 always begin with the digits 16 and are followed by 3 more digits and a letter)
(For this region if you were only given the last 3 digits and the letter you need to add the 16 in front)
(As an example my HVR1 results were: 16162G, 16519C )
(Here is another example of HVR1 results: 16093C, 16224C, 16311C, 16320T, 16519C )
(If you were tested for the HVR1 region and had no mutations enter the phrase: CRS or No Mutations.)

If you had the MtDNA Plus test done, enter your MtDNA results for HVR2, i.e., differences from Cambridge Reference Sequence (CRS):
(If you were NOT tested for the HVR2 (i.e.,the plus or refined test) enter the phrase - Not Tested.)
(Enter the mutation allele values separated by commas and spaces.)

(Enter the results exactly as given in the results report. Do not truncate or abbreviate the values.)
(As an example my HVR2 results were: 73G, 263G, 309.1C, 315.1C )
(Here is another example of HVR2 results: 73G, 81.1T, 146C, 152C, 263G, 315.1C, 498- )
(Note: The minus sign on the one mutation allele indicates a deletion was reported at that location.)
(If you were tested for HVR2 region and had no mutations enter the phrase: CRS or No Mutations.)
(If you were tested for HVR2 region and are still waiting for results enter a phrase such as: Pending or In Process.)

If you had the MtDNA Full Sequence Test (mtFST) done, enter your Coding Region (CR) test results .. but read below CAUTION first:
(Enter the mutation allele value differences reported from the CR reference separated by commas and spaces.)
(Do NOT enter the entire mtDNA sequence. Only enter the differences found in the CR reference sequence.)
(CAUTION: The mtDNA Full Sequence Test (mtFST) results can reveal medically and genetically revealing information now and in the future
that you may not wish to make public. Since this log is totally public and is searched/crawled, indexed, and stored elsewhere by public search
engines like, once it is posted here, even if you ask to remove it from this site later, and we remove it here,
it still will be cached and retrievable from somewhere else in the servers and other internet systems and thus it will
be online forever. Thus if you post your DNA mtFST test results here, consider it publicly revealed forever. And be aware that some
medical discovery and announcement in the future could make what you now consider medically uniformative information from the mtFST test
may become medically revealing in the future. Thus be sure to consider the totally public nature of your posting your Full Sequence Test
here prior to doing so here or anywhere else. If you have any doubts, don't post your mtFST test results here or anywhere else.)
(If you have been mtDNA FST tested for the Coding Region (CR) and wish to keep your results private, simply leave this field blank
or if desired enter "mtFST tested but results private")
(If you were tested for the mtDNA FST and are still waiting for results enter a phrase such as: Pending or In Process.)

Please share with us what you know about your oldest known direct line Maternal ancestor, i.e., your mother's, mother's, mother's, mother, etc., maiden name and place of birth and/or death, if known. Also if known comment about the ethnic origin of your direct maternal ancestral line, if known, or the ethnic origin suspected from genealogical information available to you. But be careful. For privacy protection reasons, do NOT enter data for living people or medically revealing information. Also, do NOT enter your mother's maiden name. Enter data for your mother's earliest known direct maternal line ancestor and direct maternal line descendants, stopping at generations born after 1900.
If you so desire, you can also enter your Y-DNA results haplogroup assignment, if applicable and known, in this comments field and/or your DNAPrint BioGeographical Ancestry Test Results if you had that test done too.
And in regards to your MtDNA results, please do share your comments about your actual test haplogroup and other results as compared to any thoughts you had as to your expected haplogroup and other test results, and any prior genealogical research you had to support those expectations, and any surprises the actual haplogroup results or other information uncovered for you.
Caution: Keep in mind this is a public log and anything posted here will eventually be picked up by the search engines. Thus do not post anything here you wish to keep private for now and the future.
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