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Map of Major Roads & Some Towns in Lehigh County Area.

[Map of Roads & Towns in Lehigh Co Area]

GNIS Query Form to Locate Any Place in Lehigh County, PA, or USA.
Enter Pennsylvania for State and Lehigh for County in Query Form and Click on Send Query.

AniMap Historic County Boundary Maps For Lehigh County

Map of Lehigh County PA in 1914 Showing Townships

For more interactive detailed local maps visit:

1. The Map Quest web site which provides maps and information about cities and countries all over the world.

2. The Google Maps web site which provides zoom and pan detailed maps for any place in the world. When the page appears enter Seisholtzville PA for example into the 'Place Name' search window and click on Find a Map. Otherwise, follow directions provided.

3. The Big Book web site which provides zoom and pan detailed maps for the town or zip code of interest. When the Big Book home page appears, follow directions provided to locate the area of interest.

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