An Example of a Male Line Descent Tree from the MRCA in a Surname Project.
How to Show Descendants' Relationships Using a Text Outline Format
and how to Count Unique Transmission Events (UTEs)
from the Surname Project's Most Recent Common Ancestor, the (MRCA).
The below example tree is from the Kerchner Surname Project Group 1a data.


Descent Tree for YDNA Tested Male Descendants of Adam KERCHNER
Prepared by: Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., P.E. Retired, Genetic Genealogy Pioneer, Emmaus PA, USA

Numbers on lines in this style report are the Generation Numbers, not Henry Numbers.
Listing by order of birth in descent tree format is very important for correct analysis of mutation rates.
Persons tested are designated by "Kit Number ###" and father as "Father of Kit Number ###) to protect privacy.
Given names of descendants need only be provided for male line descendants born prior to 1900.
Locations of birth and death (or estimates of same) are not necessary except for the MRCA.
Only the year or circa year of birth and death event is needed for descendants of the MRCA.
The UTEs count is simply the number of males born in this chart counting down
from the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA), not counting the MRCA.
The MRCA in this example is Friederich Kerchner, b.1750, s/o Adam.
There are 38 births (or UTEs) from the MRCA to and including those tested.
Number of YSTR markers tested for persons tested should be indicated after their entry as shown.

  Data Date: 19 May 2007
 1. Adam KERCHNER (b.1704 d.1768) -- The immigrant who arrived in PA in 1741
  2. Friederich KERCHNER (b.1750 d.1828) -- Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)
  3. George KERCHNER (b.1774 d.1835)
  4. Augustus KERCHNER (b.1815 d.1855)
  5. Isaac KERCHNER (b.1844 d.1916)
  6. Father of Kit #4085 (b.1888 d.1924)
  7. Kit #4085 (b.1921) [67 markers tested]
  4. Benjamin KERCHNER (b.1820 d.1898)
  5. Jerome KERCHNER (b.1849 d.1923)
  6. William Edgar KERCHNER (b.1874 d.1956)
  7. Father of Kit #2998 (b.1897 d.1976)
  8. Kit #2998 (b.1938) [37 markers tested]
  7. Father of Kit #2993 (b.1906 d.1968)
  8. Kit #2993 (b.1932) [67 markers tested]
  5. Henry KERCHNER (b.1852 d.1946)
  6. Wilbur KERCHNER (b.1887 d.1977)
  7. Father of Kit #5726 (b.1917)
  8. Kit #5726 (b.1951) [37 markers tested]
  3. F. Wilhelm KERCHNER (b.1776 d.1841)
  4. Johannes KERCHNER (b.1804 d.1888)
  5. William Henry KERCHNER (b.1831 d.1879)
  6. George KERCHNER (b.1868 d.1929)
  7. Father of Kit #784 (b.1909 d.1965)
  8. Kit #784 (b.1933) [67 markers tested]
  6. Jacob KERCHNER (b.1870 d.1941)
  7. Father of Kits #577 and #21349 (b.1915 d.1992)
  8. Kit #577 (b.1945) [67 markers tested]
  8. Kit #21349 (b.1946) ]67 markers tested]
  5. John Addison KERCHNER (b.1844 d.1926)
  6. Alden Cyril KERCHNER (b.1868 d.1946)
  7. Father of Kit #51661 (b.1895 d.1978)
  8. Kit #51661 (b.1926 d.2006) [67 markers tested]
  3. Jacob KERCHNER (b.1787 d.1836)
  4. Benjamin KERCHNER (b.1810 d.1896)
  5. William Filmore KARCHNER (b.1852 d.1927)
  6. Birt KARCHNER (b.1879 d.1950)
  7. Father of Kit #816 (b.1907 d.1983)
  8. Kit #816 (b.1933) [67 markers tested]
  6. Father of Kit #8335 (b.1890 d.1949)
  7. Kit #8335 (b.1925) [37 markers tested]


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showing allele value Mutations in above lines with haplotypes in that data table sorted by birth order Henry Number to aid analysis
and to aide the determination of and the counting of Unique Mutation Events (UMEs).

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Created - 17 May 2007
Updated - 03 Apr 2010