Descendant Chart for Johannes Aegender / Aegener
The First Few Generations.
Arrived on ship Brittania on 21 Sep 1731 at Philadelphia PA.
Originally settled in Lehigh (then Bucks) Co PA.
Moved in late 1740's and was an early settler of Rowan Co NC.
His will was made in Rowan Co NC in 1758.
Early members of this family are often confused with Egner family.

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WARNING: This is a theoretical Descendant's Chart. This is a work in progress. This chart may still contain unproven surmises and possibly contains errors. At this point the group has concluded that the Heinrich, born c1721, and Ludwig, born c1727, who by some researchers in the past have been placed with the Egner family, were really children of Johannes Aegender, and were not children of Matthias Egner, Sr. of Macungie Township. The first known reference found to a Ludwig Egner (sic) being a son of Matthias Egner, Sr., is on page 300 of Volume 1 of the Anniversary History of Lehigh Co PA. published in 1914. The author of that article in the history was probably in error in stating that Ludwig was a s/o Matthias Egner, Sr. In my opinion, since it appears that all the other Aegender sons went to North Carolina and Ludwig remained behind after the others left, early researchers mistakenly assumed that Ludwig was an EGNER instead of an Aegender since Egners were in this area at this same time as the Aegenders. This error was repeated in reports by later researchers, such as Helen Gould. The Johannes Aegender family is a completely different family group who initially settled in what is now Lehigh County PA but then several moved in the late 1740's to NC. Other Aegenders later moved to MD. And Ludwig Aegender remained in this area of PA. This is are best conclusions based on the evidence as of the date on this page. Do not pass along these statements or reprint any of this as the gospel truth for these two similarly named families. More work still needs to be done with the first two generations to verify all the relationships. This page is provided to assist the Egner-Aegender work group research these early families

Note: Some names, places, and dates shown are the best estimates of this research group and are usually so indicated. Any name, place, or date with words such as about, maybe, near, probably, or "c", or "abt" associated with it should be independently verified if exact data is required.

18th Century PA German Naming Customs

Link to Johan Matthias Egner Descendant's Chart

1. Johannes AEGENDER (b.1698-Canton of Bern,,,Switzerland d.probably,Rowan County,NC)
sp: Margaretha (b.Abt 1698-probably,,,Switzerland m.Abt 1718d.probably,Rowan County,NC)
 |-2. Catherina AEGENDER (b.Abt 1719-probably,,,Switzerland)
 |-2. Heinrich AEGENDER (b.Abt 1721-probably,,,Switzerland d.probably,Rowan County,NC)
 | sp: Maria Catharina (b.Abt 1725-maybe,,,Germany m.Abt 1747d.probably,Rowan County,NC)
 | |-3. Maria Margretha AEGENDER (b.9 Dec 1747-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | +-3. Johan Heinrich AEGENDER Jr. (b.26 Mar 1749-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA d.probably,Rowan County,NC)
 |     sp: UNKNOWN
 |   +-4. Daniel AEGENDER (b.Abt 1775-probably,Rowan County,NC)
 |-2. Maria Dorothea AEGENDER (b.Abt 1725-probably,,,Switzerland)
 | sp: Phillip WIRBEL (b.Abt 1725-maybe,,,Germany m.20 Jan 1747)
 | +-3. Johan Philip WIRBEL (b.15 Nov 1747-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Anna Margareta AEGENDER (b.Abt 1725-probably,,,Switzerland)
 | sp: Ludwig ZIMMERMAN (b.Abt 1720-maybe,,,Germany m.15 Dec 1741)
 | |-3. Eva Margaretha ZIMMERMAN (b.6 Mar 1742-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Eva Dorothea ZIMMERMAN (b.29 Aug 1743-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | +-3. Salome ZIMMERMAN (b.28 Aug 1746-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 |-2. Ludwig AEGENDER (b.Abt 1727-probably,,,Switzerland d.maybe,,MD)
 | sp: Maria Christina MAHN (b.Abt 1727-maybe,PA,or,Germany m.11 Oct 1748)
 | |-3. Maria Margaretha AEGENDER (b.30 Aug 1749-near,S Whitehall Twsp,Lehigh County,PA)
 | |-3. Johannes AEGENDER (b.Abt 1751-probably,,PA)
 | | sp: Margretha (b.Abt 1751-probably,PA m.Abt 1770)
 | | +-4. Johan Baugratius AEGENDER (b.30 Oct 1771-Williams Twsp,Northampton Co,PA)
 | |-3. Henry Jacob AEGENDER (b.29 Jul 1757-Bucks County,PA)
 | |-3. Anna Catharina (1) AEGENDER (b.21 Sep 1759-near,Williams Twsp,Northampton Co,PA)
 | +-3. Anna Catharina (2) AEGENDER (b.12 Sep 1760-near,Williams Twsp,Northampton Co,PA)
 +-2. Magdalena Eva(?) AEGENDER (b.Abt 1729-probably,,,Switzerland)
   sp: Anton SOLT (b.Abt 1728-maybe,,,Germany m.7 May 1750)

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information and/or have corrections or more information to share with me about this family.

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