Descendant Chart for Jacob Kerchner, Sr.
Pre-1800 Settler in York County PA
Five Generation Partial Descendants Chart

From research of:
Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Emmaus PA
(not a descendant of this clan)

Research Started: 1975
Webpage Created: 6 Aug 2001
Last Updated: 18 Oct 2019

I have researched this Kerchner line even though I am not a descendant of this Kerchner family because this family group spelled the surname exactly the same as my immigrant family group. This family settled in York County, Pennsylvania. I have attempted to find via traditional paper trail research if there was any connection between the two families using paper records. But, no interactions has been found between these two families, in legal records or in church records, to my knowledge. I have not been able to establish any link between this early settler, Jacob Kerchner, Sr., of York Co PA, with the 1851 immigrant,
Henry Kerchner, of York County PA, and my 1741 immigrant ancestor, Adam Kerchner, of Lehigh and Berks Co PA.
I have also been attempting to get a YDNA samples from living male Kerchner descendants of this York Co PA Kerchner pioneer to be used to compare to my Kerchner YDNA data and other early Kerchner clans in the colonies. One male line of descent of Jacob Kerchner of York Co PA has been tested. The YDNA results did not match the YDNA profile for the Lehigh Co PA Kerchner lines. Thus initial YDNA testing of the Kerchner line in York Co PA indicates they are not related. But to confirm this finding, more lines of descent for the York Co PA Kerchner family need to be tested, hopefully three separate line of descent.

Note: Some dates and locations shown are estimates. The below chart was generated using a computer program. Sometimes the data is prefixed by "about" or "circa" or "near" or "probably", etc. Therefore, do not quote dates off this report as precise unless it is stated precisely without a qualifier and you have independently verified it. If you use data or information from this site, please give proper credit to my research.

18th Century PA German Naming Customs

One or two more volunteers needed from this York Co PA Kerchner clan to participate in the pioneering
genetic genealogy project to identify the YDNA markers of the various Kerchner immigrant families
Kerchner Surname Y-DNA Project
Other Kerchner Clans I Have Researched

View/Download/Print a Modified Register Report (MRR) with Index for Some Known Descendants of Jacob Kerchner a pre-1800 Settler of York County PA

1. Jacob KERCHNER Sr.-3513 (b.Abt 1768-probably,PA d.Abt 1828-probably,Codorus Township,York County,PA)
sp: Susanna BAILEY-3618 (b.Abt 1769-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1790 d.Abt 1802-probably,York County,PA)
  |-2. Johannes KERCHNER-4025 (b.Oct 1791-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.Abt 1805-probably,York County,PA)
  |-2. Eva KERCHNER-3995 (b.9 Jul 1794-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  | sp: Ludwig aka Lewis KREBS-4005 (b.Abt 1794-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1823)
  |  |-3. Amos KREBS-4160 (b.Abt Nov 1824-,York County,PA)
  |  +-3. Catharina Eva KREBS-4161 (b.Abt Oct 1828-,York County,PA)
  |-2. Jacob KERCHNER Jr.-1724 (b.28 Apr 1797-probably,York County,PA d.4 Sep 1872-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  | sp: Anna Maria LAU-3617 (b.22 Jan 1794-probably,Codorus Township,York County,PA m.Abt 1818 d.Bef 1833-probably,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. John D. KERCHNER-1725 (b.1 Dec 1820-probably,Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.20 Mar 1912-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  | sp: Mary Polly EHRHART-1726 (b.10 Dec 1822-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1847 d.20 Oct 1895-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Mary Ann KERCHNER-1732 (b.30 May 1848-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.26 Aug 1854-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Leah KERCHNER-1734 (b.3 Aug 1851-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Eli KERCHNER-1735 (b.15 Sep 1853-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.6 Feb 1916-probably,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Wilmina KRAFT-10181 (b.14 Aug 1855-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1876 d.14 Dec 1937-probably,York County,PA)
  |  |  |  +-5. A. B. Edna KERCHNER-19487 (b.26 May 1878-York County,PA d.26 Dec 1942-York County,PA)
  |  |  |    sp: Oscar WARNER-19488 (b.2 Jun 1872-York County,PA m.Abt 1896 d.17 Dec 1942-Seitzland,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Sarah Ann KERCHNER-1737 (b.15 Oct 1855-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.30 Oct 1923-York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: James F. CRAUMER-19483 (b.Nov 1849-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1877)
  |  |  |-4. Barbara Ellen KERCHNER-1738 (b.22 Feb 1859-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.5 Nov 1933-York,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Jeremiah SHEFFER-10164 (b.19 Jul 1855-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA m.17 Nov 1878 d.2 Feb 1939-York,York County,PA)
  |  |  |  +-5. Ervin Clayton SHEFFER-10171 (b.2 Jul 1884-York,York County,PA d.26 Jun 1949-York,York County,PA)
  |  |  |    sp: Martha Estella GINGERICH-10172 (b.13 Feb 1886-York,York County,PA m.25 Mar 1906 d.8 Jul 1927-York,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. William Henry KERCHNER-1742 (b.22 Apr 1865-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.26 Jul 1943-Shrewsbury,York County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Elverda J. WHERLEY-19471 (b.4 Mar 1869-York County,PA m.1897 d.22 Dec 1953-Shrewsbury,York County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. John E. KERCHNER-19486 (b.1906-York County,PA d.1906-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Jacob KERCHNER-1727 (b.1821-York County,PA d.1903-York County,PA)
  |  | sp: Leah BORTNER-1730 (b.1828-PA m.Abt 1849 d.3 Oct 1905-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Ellenmyra KERCHNER-1733 (b.27 Jul 1850-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Josiah KERCHNER-1736 (b.3 Jun 1852-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Daniel KERCHNER-1728 (b.29 Nov 1822/1823-York County,PA d.4 Jan 1902-York County,PA)
  |  | sp: Margaret WENTZ-1731 (b.5 Jul 1835-York County,PA m.Abt 1856 d.29 Jul 1926-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Belinda KERCHNER-1739 (b.6 May 1857-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.21 Nov 1930-Loganville,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: George E. KREBS-19473 (b.1858-York County,PA m.Abt 1880 d.1905-York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Nelson Andrew KROUT-19474 (b.1853-York County,PA m.30 Apr 1916 d.1933-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Angelina Catherine KERCHNER-1740 (b.11 Feb 1859-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Amanda KERCHNER-13135 (b.9 Jun 1861-York County,PA d.31 Dec 1926-York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Joshua Tuffy KREBS-19485 (b.3 Dec 1860-York County,PA m.Abt 1883 d.31 Aug 1926-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. George Luther KERCHNER-1741 (b.1 Sep 1863-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.31 Aug 1947)
  |  |  |-4. Jacob W. KERCHNER-1743 (b.6 Sep 1865-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA d.13 Sep 1918-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Adam W. KERCHNER-13134 (b.8 May 1869-York County,PA d.9 Jun 1931-West Manchester,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Sarah J. GRIM-22101 (b.1871-PA m.Abt 1892 d.1963-PA)
  |  |  |-4. Edward KERCHNER-1744 (b.9 Sep 1871-Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Margaret KERCHNER-19469 (b.1874-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Ellen Edna KERCHNER-19467 (b.26 Apr 1876-Glen Rock,York County,PA d.8 Nov 1950-Newberry,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Emma M. KERCHNER-19468 (b.8 May 1880-Fissels,York County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Howard K. SEITZ-20690 (b.Abt 1872-PA m.1905)
  |  |     |-5. Arthur S. SEITZ-20691 (b.1906-York County,PA)
  |  |     |-5. Gordon S. SEITZ-20692 (b.1907-York County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. Richard Kerchner SEITZ-20693 (b.17 Aug 1909-Glen Rock Boro,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Adam KERCHNER-1729 (b.1829-probably,York County,PA d.maybe,York County,PA)
  | sp: Maria Catharina ROHRBACH-3904 (b.24 Jun 1785-probably,Codorus Township,York County,PA m.Abt 1836 d.3 May 1847-probably,Shrewsbury Twsp,York County,PA)
  | sp: Harriet -13155 (b.Abt 1809-PA m.Abt 1855)
  |-2. Rosina aka Rosanna KERCHNER-3996 (b.25 Jul 1799-probably,York County,PA d.28 Aug 1859-probably,PA)
  | sp: James THOMPSON-4006 (b.7 Sep 1796-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1824 d.2 Apr 1861-probably,PA)
  |  +-3. John B. THOMPSON-17217 (b.1828-probably,York County,PA d.1888-probably,PA)
sp: Elizabeth BAILEY-3903 (b.2 Sep 1780-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA m.14 Jun 1803 d.11 Sep 1858-near,Manheim Township,York County,PA)
  |-2. George KERCHNER-3997 (b.Feb 1804-probably,York County,PA d.Sep 1861-Manchester,Carroll County,MD)
  | sp: Sarah BOLLINGER-13060 (b.Sep 1807-Baltimore County,MD m.Abt 1830 d.27 Jul 1887-Manchester,Carroll County,MD)
  |  |-3. Elizabeth KERCHNER-13150 (b.1831-PA)
  |  |-3. Joel KERCHNER-13151 (b.1833-PA)
  |  |-3. George Washington KERSHNER-13061 (b.22 Feb 1836-MD d.18 Sep 1898-Montgomery County,OH)
  |  | sp: Rachel Jane COOK-13062 (b.1833-MD m.Abt 1859 d.1916-Montgomery County,OH)
  |  |  |-4. George Franklin KERSHNER-13063 (b.1872-OH d.1952)
  |  |  | sp: Maude J. PUMPHERY-13064 (b.Abt 1874-OH m.1895)
  |  |  |  +-5. Bryan Howard KERSHNER-13065 (b.19 Jul 1896-Dayton,Montgomery Co,OH d.11 May 1985-Dayton,Montgomery Co,OH)
  |  |  |    sp: Audrey E. -13070 (b.1906-OH m.Abt 1926)
  |  |  +-4. Jonah KERSHNER-19489 (b.11 Feb 1878-Englewood,Montgomery County,OH d.5 Mar 1948-Montgomery County,OH)
  |  |-3. Mary KERCHNER-13152 (b.1837-PA)
  |  |-3. Daniel B. KERCHNER-13145 (b.13 Jun 1840-MD d.4 Mar 1896-Carroll County,MD)
  |  | sp: Barbara C. KROH-19462 (b.1 Jan 1840-MD m.Abt 1864 d.21 Apr 1874-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Mary Jane KERCHNER-19464 (b.2 Jul 1865-PA d.13 Mar 1929-Manheim,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: John ANSPACHER-20697 (b.Abt 1864-PA m.Abt 1887)
  |  |  |-4. Sarah Ann KERCHNER-19470 (b.23 Oct 1867-York County,PA d.31 Dec 1923-York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Jacob Henry AMSPACHER-19482 (b.9 Mar 1862-York County,PA m.Abt 1889 d.1933-York County,PA)
  |  |  |-4. Charles Jacob KERCHNER-19463 (b.30 Apr 1872-PA d.5 May 1952-Penn Township,York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Clara Emma STOVER-19465 (b.26 May 1871-PA m.1893 d.17 Jun 1945-York County,PA)
  |  |  |  |-5. Ervin M. KERCHNER-19500 (b.6 Apr 1894-York County,PA d.9 May 1964-PA)
  |  |  |  |-5. Robert Charles KERCHNER-19501 (b.29 Jan 1896-York County,PA d.1 Aug 1960-PA)
  |  |  |  | sp: Nettie J. HOHF-20240 (b.13 May 1899-PA m.1927 d.20 May 1978-York County,PA)
  |  |  |  |-5. Ralph William KERCHNER-19466 (b.11 May 1897-York County,PA d.28 Nov 1974-York County,PA)
  |  |  |  | sp: Lillie Alice CRAUMER-19475 (b.6 Apr 1898-probably,USA m.Abt 1919(div) d.1973-York County,PA)
  |  |  |  | sp: Viola M. FUHRMAN(?)-19476 (b.18 Jan 1895-probably,USA m.Abt 1965 d.4 Sep 1982-probably,York County,PA)
  |  |  |  +-5. Estie A. KERCHNER-20239 (b.12 Sep 1901-PA d.28 Apr 1975-PA)
  |  | sp: Matilda STRAUSBAUGH-20694 (b.5 Mar 1845-Adams County,or,York County,PA m.Abt 1878 d.Aft 1911-MD)
  |  |  |-4. Henry KERCHNER-20695 (b.Feb 1879-PA)
  |  |  |-4. Emma M. KERCHNER-20689 (b.10 Aug 1883-PA d.15 Aug 1931-York County,PA)
  |  |  | sp: Franklin Edward DOLL-20688 (b.28 Jul 1872-York County,PA m.1904 d.3 Dec 1950-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Mary J. KERCHNER-20696 (b.Dec 1886-PA)
  |  |-3. Joseph S. KERCHNER-13146 (b.1842-MD)
  |  |-3. Sarah KERCHNER-13147 (b.1846-MD)
  |  |-3. Jacob B. KERCHNER-13148 (b.23 Oct 1849-Manchester,Carroll County,MD d.Carroll County,MD)
  |  | sp: Emma L. CROWL-19490 (b.26 May 1857-probably,MD m.Abt 1876d.probably,Carroll County,MD)
  |  |  |-4. Cora E. KERCHNER-19502 (b.10 Jul 1877-MD)
  |  |  +-4. Mabel B. KERCHNER-19503 (b.30 Aug 1879-MD)
  |  +-3. Barbara KERCHNER-13149 (b.1852-MD)
  |-2. Elizabeth KERCHNER-3998 (b.1805-York County,PA d.1849-York County,PA)
  | sp: John Henry HETRICK Sr.-4007 (b.1805-PA m.Abt 1827 d.1882-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Margaret HETRICK-13106 (b.1828-York County,PA)
  |  | sp: John KIDD-13107 (b.Abt 1825-maybe,York County,PA m.Abt 1855)
  |  |-3. Adam HETRICK-13108 (b.1830-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Mary Ann HETRICK-13109 (b.1832-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Eliza Jane HETRICK-13110 (b.1833-York County,PA)
  |  | sp: John FLORY-13136 (b.1818-PA m.Abt 1852)
  |  |-3. Elizabeth HETRICK-12649 (b.4 Aug 1835-Shrewsbury,York County,PA d.22 Apr 1926-York,York County,PA)
  |  | sp: Alfred BOND-12650 (b.23 Apr 1837-New Market,Baltimore County,MD m.29 Sep 1859 d.24 Aug 1929-York,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Charles Wilford BOND-12656 (b.28 Mar 1861-Stewartstown,York County,PA d.29 Apr 1937-York,York County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Elizabeth ROSS-12657 (b.13 Jan 1864-Fairview Twsp,York County,PA m.22 Feb 1887 d.4 Dec 1936-York,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Susanna HETRICK-13111 (b.12 Jun 1837-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Maria HETRICK-13112 (b.1841-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Sarah Rebecca HETRICK-13113 (b.1843-York County,PA d.24 Jan 1924-near,Cross Roads,York County,PA)
  |  +-3. Henry HETRICK Jr.-13114 (b.1845-York County,PA d.1884)
  |-2. Margaret KERCHNER-3999 (b.Abt 1807-probably,York County,PA)
  | sp: George TROUETT-4008 (b.Abt 1805-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1828)
  |-2. Catharine KERCHNER-4000 (b.30 Oct 1807-probably,York County,PA d.20 Jul 1862-York County,PA)
  | sp: John M. BORTNER-19484 (b.18 Feb 1807-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1830 d.30 Dec 1864-York County,PA)
  |-2. Johannes B. KERCHNER-3498 (b.21 Apr 1812-probably,York County,PA d.8 May 1880-Hanover Junction,N Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  | sp: Elizabeth BEHLER-3499 (b.20 Sep 1819-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1835 d.6 Mar 1894-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Juliana KERCHNER-3502 (b.19 Oct 1836-York County,PA d.21 Sep 1903-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Isabella KERCHNER-3503 (b.13 Jan 1839-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA d.1 May 1900-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  | sp: Lewis Kline GLATFELTER-3507 (b.19 Oct 1843-N Codorus Twsp,York County,PA m.15 Feb 1863 d.13 Mar 1916-N Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Lucy Ann GLATFELTER-3508 (b.6 Jan 1867-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA d.4 Dec 1942-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Levi M. BAILEY-3509 (b.22 Aug 1868-,York County,PA m.28 Apr 1887 d.20 Oct 1911-Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |     +-5. Harry Albert BAILEY-3510 (b.24 Jan 1893-,York County,PA d.14 Jul 1973-PA)
  |  |       sp: Helen Beatrice BOWMAN-3511 (b.4 Mar 1892-,York County,PA m.Abt 1915 d.26 Aug 1985-PA)
  |  |-3. Adam KERCHNER-3505 (b.1 Aug 1841-probably,York County,PA d.3 Mar 1873-probably,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Jacob B. KERCHNER-3504 (b.15 Nov 1842-York County,PA d.3 Aug 1907-N Codorus Twsp,York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Matilda KERCHNER-3506 (b.22 Feb 1847-York County,PA d.3 Sep 1918-York County,PA)
  |  +-3. Sarah Anna KERCHNER-3937 (b.29 May 1850-Codorus Township,York County,PA d.18 Aug 1852-York County,PA)
  |-2. Henry KERCHNER-8187 (b.6 Mar 1814-probably,PA d.29 Jan 1882-probably,,York County,PA)
  | sp: Christiana -13127 (b.1828-PA m.Abt 1846)
  |  |-3. Levi KERCHNER-13128 (b.1847-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Cevilla KERCHNER-13129 (b.1849-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Lamanda KERCHNER-19472 (b.26 Aug 1851-York County,PA d.23 Sep 1851-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Amos KERCHNER-13130 (b.4 Feb 1853-York County,PA d.7 Jun 1945-Manchester Township,Carroll County,MD)
  |  | sp: Amanda STAMBAUGH-13303 (b.23 Feb 1843-York County,PA m.Abt 1876 d.7 Sep 1927-York County,PA)
  |  |  +-4. Clinton Edward KERCHNER-13304 (b.27 May 1877-York County,PA d.25 Dec 1964-York County,PA)
  |  |    sp: Elsie Amanda ROHRBAUGH-13305 (b.9 Jul 1877-Codorus Township,York County,PA m.12 Apr 1903)
  |  |     +-5. Ralph M. KERCHNER-13306 (b.28 Aug 1916-probably,York County,PA d.1 Feb 1983-possibly,VA)
  |  |-3. Sarah Ann KERCHNER-13131 (b.1856-York County,PA)
  |  |-3. Henry Noah KERCHNER-13132 (b.1858-York County,PA)
  |  +-3. Mary Alice KERCHNER-13133 (b.1860-York County,PA)
  |-2. Susanna KERCHNER-4001 (b.Abt 1817-probably,York County,PA)
  |-2. Lydia KERCHNER-4004 (b.Abt 1819-probably,York County,PA)
  +-2. Charles KERCHNER-1571 (b.15 Jun 1821-Codorus Township,York County,PA d.27 Jul 1892-Fort Wayne,Allen County,IN)
    sp: Marie Anna SCHMIDT-1572 (b.21 Jan 1828-probably,York County,PA m.Abt 1847 d.9 Dec 1882-Codorus Township,York County,PA)
     +-3. Jacob Schmidt KERCHNER-1569 (b.2 Mar 1848-York County,PA d.21 Jan 1939-Hanover,York County,PA)
       sp: Catharina HAMM-1570 (b.9 Nov 1851-PA m.Abt 1869 d.27 Mar 1947-York County,PA)
        |-4. Edwin KERCHNER-11076 (b.27 Jun 1869-probably,Manheim Twsp,York County,PA d.10 Mar 1958-Springettsbury,York County,PA)
        | sp: Bertha WOLF-11080 (b.16 Jul 1866-PA m.1890 d.3 Jun 1950-York,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Eleanor C. KERCHNER-11081 (b.May 1891-York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Bertha W. KERCHNER-11082 (b.Apr 1893-York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Frederick J. KERCHNER-11083 (b.Sep 1894-York County,PA)
        |  +-5. Lewis C. KERCHNER-11084 (b.Oct 1896-York County,PA)
        |-4. Isaac KERCHNER-1567 (b.23 Mar 1873-Adams County,PA d.2 Dec 1946-Hanover,York County,PA)
        | sp: Sarah Jane RUTTERS-1568 (b.26 Sep 1870-PA m.Abt 1894 d.29 Jul 1929-Hanover,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Carroll Ray KERCHNER Sr.-11069 (b.9 Aug 1894-Penn Township,York County,PA d.Jan 1966-,York County,PA)
        |  | sp: Nora E. STERNER-11452 (b.Abt 1901-PA m.Abt 1918)
        |  |-5. Marie B. KERCHNER-11071 (b.12 Sep 1895-Penn Township,York County,PA d.24 Mar 1945-York,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Oscar William KERCHNER Sr.-1565 (b.3 Mar 1897-Penn Township,York County,PA d.Nov 1981-York,York County,PA)
        |  | sp: Evelyn WEAVER-1566 (b.31 Aug 1896-maybe,,PA m.25 Aug 1925 d.Dec 1985-York,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Charles H. KERCHNER-11072 (b.14 Apr 1898-Penn Township,York County,PA d.Nov 1979-probably,FL)
        |  |-5. Dorothy A. C. KERCHNER-11073 (b.Abt 1902-Hanover,Penn Township,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Elizabeth M. KERCHNER-11074 (b.Abt 1904-Hanover,Penn Township,York County,PA)
        |  +-5. James I. KERCHNER-11075 (b.18 Dec 1906-Hanover,Penn Township,York County,PA d.22 Oct 1929-Hanover,York County,PA)
        |-4. John KERCHNER-11077 (b.21 Jul 1874-probably,Manheim Twsp,York County,PA d.13 Oct 1929-Hanover,York County,PA)
        | sp: Anna G. HULL-11085 (b.21 Sep 1878-Adams County,PA m.1897 d.11 Jul 1951-Hanover,York County,PA)
        |  |-5. Violet L. KERCHNER-11086 (b.Nov 1898-near,Penn Township,York County,PA)
        |  +-5. Edwin J. KERCHNER-11087 (b.Feb 1900-near,Penn Township,York County,PA)
        +-4. Emma KERCHNER-11078 (b.5 Dec 1877-probably,Manheim Twsp,York County,PA d.25 Apr 1919-Hanover,York County,PA)

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